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Pagès offers you its scented teas with exquisite flavors

Scented tea

It is said that it was the Chinese people who were the forerunner of the perfumed tea we know today. It seems that a Chinese community once tried to mix flowers or fruit with tea.

The mix was so good that the tradition continued and the Fragrant Tea gained little by little in success.

The marriage of tea and fresh fruits or natural flowers now offers new beverages, which delight the palate of the most gourmet.

With 160 years of experience, Pagès has become an expert in blending aromas. Our herbalists combine and innovate for the sole purpose of highlighting ingredients whose blends are new, authentic and exquisite, while allowing you to constantly renew the pleasure of tasting a scented tea.

Pagès is a company committed to preserving the environment. This is why all the scented teas you find on our site are certified 100% organic and come from plants and fruits picked or grown in compliance with sustainable development.

Our selection of scented teas

For your greatest pleasure, Pagès offers a range of scented teas. On our website you will find classic flavours such as Lemon, Red Fruit, Jasmine, Mint… For the most gourmet, we also offer scented teas with more original tastes such as our organic Green Tea with Apricot and Mango, or our organic Black Tea with Strawberry and Rhubarb. If you particularly appreciate the freshness of our fruity teas, you will succumb to our blend of Red Fruits with Pomegranate and Raspberry or our Green Tea Elder Blueberry.

For lighter notes that stay in the mouth, don’t hesitate to get closer to our scented teas with flowers, like our White Tea with Blueberry, Mauve or Rose. Also discover other green teas, such as our Strawberry and Rhubarb Tea which is ideal for the end of the day or after a hearty meal.


Pagès offers you the delivery

By ordering on our website, you get the free delivery for a minimum of 15€ of purchase, but that’s not all. In fact, with each order, you receive samples for free, which allows you to taste our novelties and discover new flavors of Pagès scented teas.