A company and a territory

An exemplary territory

We are based in Haute-Loire, a discreet region if ever there was one, where the watchword seems to be "let's live happily, let's live hidden".
Here, there is no race for excessive economic development. We have a preserved environment, we protect it.
We are aware of the quality of our environment, as the contrast with other regions is so striking, and of our responsibility to preserve it.

Produce in France and here

We have been herbalists since 1859. Located in the Velay in the heart of the Massif Central and the Auvergne, our presence here is no coincidence.
Verbena, Gentian, Blueberries... our region is, with Provence, the main terroir of aromatic and medicinal plants in France.
Today, our main activity is to package plants from all over the world.
Economic difficulties are strong when faced with imports from countries with low labour costs, but we are struggling because we still believe in it.
Sustainable development is also about striving to continue to produce in France.

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