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Benefits of Chamomile: 4 virtues of this plant on your health

What are the benefits of Chamomile?

Chamomile, is very often known as the famous herbal tea, that one drinks before going to bed. And for good reason, it has beneficial effects on stress and sleep. But that’s not all! This plant hides other virtues, that we know less. In this article, discover the different benefits of Chamomile and learn how to consume it on a daily basis.


The many benefits of Chamomile

Apart from its relaxing actions, the Chamomile will act effectively, on your digestive system, your ailments and small winter diseases. And right now, we really need to relax and take care of ourselves!


Chamomile’s actions on sleep and anxiety

This virtue is certainly the best known. Chamomile acts significantly on your nervous system. Thus, it is very useful to fight against stress, anxiety or overwork. On the other hand, when your nerves are strained or you are going through a difficult time, you may find it difficult to fall asleep. Consuming Chamomile regularly, allows you to relax, relax and regain a form of serenity. This will also allow you to have a faster and more restorative sleep.


Effects of Chamomile on digestion

Among the slightly less known virtues of Chamomile is its ability to relieve digestive disorders. If you suffer from gastroenteritis or are regularly prone to bloating, flatulence or diarrhea, you can use Chamomile as a natural remedy. All you have to do is taste them, in the form of an herbal tea, for example, after each meal. This will help you calm your digestive problems and regulate your intestinal flora.


The anti-inflammatory virtues

Chamomile is rich in flavonoids. This allows it to have anti-inflammatory actions, on several levels. Not only does it help you soothe your intestines, but it also helps you relieve certain pain effectively. For example, during menstruation, many women experience cramps in the lower abdomen. By consuming Chamomile, they can reduce their pain and regain comfort.


Natural treatment for certain winter conditions

Finally, the Chamomile is a powerful antibacterial. In this way, it can effectively fight against viruses and helps strengthen your immune system. Its action is particularly effective on sore throat. The different benefits of Chamomile, combined together, will be strong allies to prevent small winter diseases, such as flu, gastroenteritis, rhinopharyngitis, etc.


How to consume Chamomile?

There are different ways to use Chamomile. Some use it as an essential oil. However, this method should be preferred on a point-in-time basis, because excessive consumption of essential oils is not good for your health.

To enjoy the benefits of Chamomile, choose herbal teas such as our Pagès herbal teas. So you can taste herbal teas, inhale and even gargle, if your throat is sore, for example.

Do not hesitate, go for a good Chamomile, you will tell us about it :)