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Benefits of plants: natural healing, thanks to herbal infusions

Benefits of plants: natural healing, thanks to herbal infusions

Can you heal with plants?

When you have a headache, digestive problems or catch a persistent virus, you tend to take a treatment based on chemical drugs. What you may not know is that there are far more natural remedies to cure certain ailments. Sometimes unknown and often underestimated, the powers of plants are nevertheless effective and proven. In this article, we go back in detail, on the benefits of plants, and their use for thousands of years.


The powers of plants, used since the dawn of time

The plants, are used for several millennia, to act on different levels, on the body. In ancient Egypt, this practice even had a name: the pharmacopoeia. Doesn’t that remind you of anything?

Herbal teas, ointments, fumigations, potions… The powers of plants were very popular at the time. It was therefore not uncommon to consume potions based on lotus leaves and juniper berries, to cure liver problems, for example. Or to use a honey-based pectoral paste to reduce cough. Over time, healing by plants has evolved and continued to develop. Today, this practice is still used and offers natural remedies, against different ailments of everyday life.


Herbal medicine, a popular healing method

Nowadays, plant medicine is called herbal medicine. It consists of the use of herbal products to treat, cure and improve health in general. Thus, by mixing the good plants, we reveal the many powers of the plants, and we treat, in a targeted way, different health concerns.

Of course, this practice is supervised and scientifically controlled.



Enjoy the benefits of plants by consuming infusions

If you no longer wish to resort to chemical drug treatments, to treat yourself, enjoy the benefits of plants and treat yourself in a more natural way. Regular consumption of herbal teas or infusions, like those we offer at Pagès, is an ideal way to make your daily ailments disappear.


The powers of plants to relieve digestive disorders

Some plants are particularly recommended, to reduce problems related to digestion. This is particularly the case of chamomile, lemon balm, basil, fennel… If you want to find an ideal digestive well-being, drink daily herbal teas containing these plants. This will also help you stay hydrated.


Benefits of plants on anxiety and sleep

When you experience problems in your personal or professional life, you may be prone to sleep disturbances or stress and anxiety. Rather than taking a chemical treatment, sometimes aggressive for the body, you can quite consider consuming plants with suitable properties. This is the case with verbena, lime, orange blossom or lavender.


Boosting your immune system with plants

In winter, in particular, it is not uncommon to get sick. Cold, fatigue and viruses, are responsible for many inconveniences. You must therefore strengthen your immune system, to avoid them and live more serenely, periods of cold. For this, consume infusions based on elder, thyme, blackcurrant, turmeric or guarana.


You are now ready to face the small diseases of everyday life!