Colonne 1

Our site was built in the 1970s, but it is constantly evolving, driven by our growth. We manage this development based on our commitment to do things right, for people and the environment.

A single-site organization

We rely on a centralized plant on a single site, both in terms of upstream and downstream storage.

The lighting

We have chosen to install translucent cladding ramps to favour natural lighting.
We have made it a standard practice to install presence detectors and disconnect lighting: lighting where it is needed, not everywhere and all the time.

Emissions: phyto-treatment

Due to our activity, we have long insisted on an optimal adjustment of our machines in order to limit plant losses, our emissions are limited.
And we have chosen not to reject them into the public network, so we have set up our own particularly ecological installation. It is based on the transformation of our organic waste into plants in the form of sludge. Phyto-purification. Overall, we have no rejections!