Colonne 1

A company that respects people

The crisis does not spare us, our customers are demanding, our competitors aggressive. If we want to keep our jobs, we must be efficient and competitive. That doesn't mean being slavers and exploiting people! PAGES employees are not interchangeable numbers

  • Good working conditions

    Being responsible also means ensuring good working conditions for your employees and the sustainability of their jobs (and therefore of their company).
  • Realism not slavery: we make it a point of honour to find the right balance between competitiveness and working conditions.
  • Refusal of 4X8 and 5X8: our activity has a strong component
    seasonal and historically requires a 3x8 operation. We refuse 4x8 and 5x8 operations, which are unacceptable for employees.
  • Smoothing of the activity: our activity is seasonal. In times of high consumption, we need to produce more. We have succeeded in further anticipating our production in order to smooth production over the year.
  • Equipment: all our working conditions are constantly being challenged. Improving ergonomics, yes, turning people into robots, no.

Re-internalization of certain tasks

We have decided as a conscious company not to use staff as a short-term adjustment variable. For example, we have re-internalized activities that were previously outsourced abroad. This applies in particular to the manual packaging services that we carry out ourselves.