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Eco-design of packaging

As plant specialists, we are also a conditioner. As such, we generate packaging. Both to preserve resources and to limit waste, it is our responsibility to design them with common sense, known as eco-design.

Cardboard savings:

  • Removal of flaps.
  • Removal of cellophane (while ensuring the inviolability of the box): annually we save 60 tons of plastic.
  • Reduction in packaging weight: annually, we save 25 tonnes of cardboard boxes.

Choices not guided by business considerations:

  • A glue-free bag: historically, the paper of the tea bag is impregnated with glue in order to be sealed by gluing. We have chosen to reject this, unlike the core market and its leader.
  • We do not want our consumers to infuse hot water with glue... soluble in hot water.
    Recycling: at PAGÈS, our choice is recycled cardboard. As a matter of balance and common sense, we only use cardboard boxes with controlled and limited levels of mineral oil residues in order not to run any health risks.