Colonne 2

Heat recovery

Between the production area where our machines operate and therefore release calories by the Joules effect and the warehouses, the gap in terms of heating requirements is very large.
We have installed a network of heat recovery and hot air reinjection systems in the warehouses.
We do not need to heat our warehouses from an external source.

The creation of a carbon sink

Our production site is located in a rural area and has a relatively large land reserve.
We have decided to take advantage of these available spaces to take action for the environment. Thus, part of our land has been replanted with aromatic plants.
Another is in the process of planting a coppice with a very short willow rotation. Willow cultivation has the particularity of being the fastest way to fix atmospheric carbon in the form of wood lignin.
We plan to use this wood to heat our offices by modifying the burner of our current gas boiler.