Colonne 2

Values that are held outside the company

When you believe in something, when you are convinced of its validity, you are enthusiastic and want to convince your partners!

  • With our suppliers

    Long-term partnerships: we believe in the stability of our relationships with our suppliers and we always treat them with respect.
  • Relocation and proximity: doing fair trade is above all about making French companies work. Thus, we have transferred the majority of our supplies to French companies.
  • Transparency on products: by working with reliable suppliers, on long-term and geographically close relationships, you inevitably have better control over your supplies.
  • With our customers

    Honesty and transparency: by always emphasizing ethics and long-term trust, we reject any dishonesty. We reject any misuse in sending samples to our customers and always submit products that are strictly representative of our production.
  • We provide our customers with complete transparency on our products.
    Customer conviction: as a French supplier, we go even further by encouraging our customers to choose eco-friendly packaging.