Herbal tea and loose teas from Pagès: a colorful range with subtle flavors

Loose herbal tea

For many years now, the tea and herbal tea house Pagès has been blending you with herbal infusions and herbal infusions to satisfy your senses Successful bet, since today Pagès is your ally well-being thanks to its infusions in bulk with the beneficent virtues. Indeed, the infusions of Pagès accompany you every day at any time of the day. From morning to evening, you have the opportunity to consume the bulk infusions of our house.

Consumed regularly, the infusions Bulk Pagès help you feel better and treat you aches such as feeling of heavy legs, insomnia, digestive difficulties, headaches ... In summer or winter, our infusions in bulk bring you all the nutrients your body needs to help you regain strength and vitality. In addition, the size of our bulk infusions allows you to make great savings while limiting the use of paper. Discover our selection of infusions in bulk on our online store.

Loose teas

Discover all the loose teas that Pagès offers you on his online shop. Made from carefully selected whole tea leaves by us, Pagès loose tea makes your senses travel. Blending subtle blends and traditional recipes, our bulk teas are all organic and come from an environmentally friendly harvest.

Because at Pagès, we know that there is a cup of tea made for every moment of the day, we propose you in this category of black teas, green teas, classic teas, scented teas and even teas well- to be, to help you feel better. Our loose teas have all been designed to accompany you throughout your day. That's why our products contain natural ingredients, chosen for their properties and their undeniable benefits. Depending on our range, our bulk teas give you energy, help you relax, or detoxify your body.

Our selection of bulk wellness teas help boost your metabolism, promote your well-being and provide you with moments of comfort. But Pagès loose tea is above all flavors and gourmet products, with incomparable taste.

Our selection of products in bulk format 

We have developed four bulk tea recipes for you so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of our preparations.

Thus, to facilitate digestion after a hearty meal with the family or at the end of year celebrations, for example, our Organic Afterseason Infusion with Mint, Lemon and Anise can help you regain a feeling of lightness. .

And if the bulk after-meal infusion is not enough and you need more, go for Detox bulk brew. This organic infusion with Rooibos, Green Tea and Peach flavor removes toxins from your body gently for effective drainage of your body.

In addition to Detox Bulk Infusion, you can also opt for our Organic Hibiscus, Grapefruit and Red Currant Line infusion to keep the line. The combination of grapefruit and gooseberry gives you a pleasant fruity and tangy palate, while enjoying the flat stomach effects of Hibiscus, provided you adopt a balanced diet and practice a regular sporting activity. Finally, if you have trouble falling asleep in the evening, bulk brew Night is for you! This organic herbal tea with Verbena, Linden, Raspberry and Blackberry can help you relax and unwind in preparation for a restful night. For a long time, Verbena has been used to sleep.



The majority of our teas can be found in bulk on our tea and brewing website for more than 160 years.

Thus, you find the essential as our organic green tea in Mint or our organic green tea Sencha. In the category of black teas, you will again succumb to the charms of organic black tea Breakfast and the irreplaceable Earl Gray.

In order to make the most of the benefits of our wellness teas, you also have the possibility of ordering a loose tea from the Pagès site, like our detox detox green tea with mate, strawberry and petals. cornflower. And to help you control your weight, do not miss out on our Slimming Tea with Pineapple, Papaya and Grapefruit Flavors. It is important to note that this tea can accompany weight loss, but does not replace a balanced diet and regular sports activity.

Another loose tea with unsuspected virtues specially designed for your well-being: Hygge de Pagès green tea. Inspired by Danish wellness, this loose green tea is inviting at any time of the day for a relaxing and comforting break. Let yourself be carried away by its delicious blend of fruits and plants made from cornflower, goji and pomegranate petals, for a moment of sweetness.

Want to relax and have a relaxing time at the end of the day? Pagès has the perfect tea for you, and it's available in bulk: Serenity tea. This organic green tea with rose petals, white hibiscus and cherry flavors will relax your muscles and give you a feeling of incredible lightness.



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