5 novembre 2021

Pagès is reinventing the art of good taste!

In this month of November, autumn is already well established here. During this period, nature changes and the trees display pretty red, yellow or even brown colors for our viewing pleasure. But in a while, the cold will start to slowly settle around us, without us realizing it.

But while waiting for the snow, the cold and the end of the year celebrations and to be able to enjoy these pleasant moments with family or friends, Pagès would like to make you rediscover or simply discover its products. But beware, we have a little clarification, with us it is not only a cold wind blowing but also a wind of novelty.

And yes, as you will have understood, our products are accompanied by a little touch of novelty: they are dressed in modernity with a small dose of gluttony. We are taking advantage of the end of the year to present our brand new packaging to you. This new design is intended to be more refined and clearer.

Since 1859, we have mastered the art of blending plants to perfection. Today with our new identity we want to put a little more emphasis on our know-how as a herbalist. Of course we also want to emphasize the authentic taste of our drinks so that you can enjoy the best of plants. Don't worry, of course, our products retain their natural, intense and genuine taste. And of course, always certified organic. The passion with which our products are made has remained the same since the creation of the Pagès house.

At Pagès, the key words are NATURAL, INTENSE AND SINCERE.

And as good news never comes alone, we have developed a new range of infusions 100% cultivated in France: plants from these organic recipes are cultivated in the heart of our beautiful French regions and packaged in France, from our organic sector. in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

We always want to guarantee you an authentic taste and that, for 160 years. We select the best of Nature to always guarantee you a unique and meticulous blend and we are not ready to stop.

Do not wait any longer to come and discover our new colors and our original recipes for teas and infusions which are more modern and gourmet but always stem from our expertise in the selection and blending of quality organic plants, packaged in Puy en Velay.

The French company Pagès, which has long been committed to reducing its environmental impact, guarantees that our bags contain no glue or staple, and are made from 100% plant fibers. They are also wrapped in a recyclable paper envelope.

Give yourself a moment of pleasure, sweetness and gluttony during this cocooning season to savor the best plants and have a moment of pleasure and sweetness.

Did you know ?

Verbena was introduced to France at the end of the 18th century. And it was in the Velay that the inhabitants quickly chose to make this plant their emblem. Its naturally lemony taste, its many virtues and its beautiful appearance easily seduced them. If you have never tried Verbena, now is the time to taste our new French Verbena infusion or the French Verbena Mint. The plant present in these infusions is cultivated directly in the heart of the Drome on its sunny lands. And if you're not a Verbena fan, we have a French Mint infusion for you. This presents notes that are both intensely fresh and sweet.

Small zoom on the French plants of our new infusions:


In infusion or in alcohol, Verbena is a huge success in Haute-Loire.

Verbena has long been the sacred plant of Gaul, for them it represented "the herb of all evils". This is how it is Celtic name "ferfean" means "sacred branch". Verbena is one of the great classics of herbalism. Its use is diverse and varied. It is very useful as an infusion to relieve tension and promote digestion. It is relaxing properties also help to soften sleep disorders, which is why it is advisable to consume Verbena infusions at the end of the day. It has a lemony or even minty taste. In an essential oil it will deliver a lemony scent. While Verbena leaves, whether dry or fresh, enhance dishes thanks to their original and surprising taste.

Although Verbena is present in France, it does not tolerate frost very well, it preferred to grow in Latin America because of the hot and humid climate which it appreciates very much.


Mint finds its origins in the 19th century, mainly used for the purpose of relieving vomiting and coughing. But Mint is equally popular for its digestive and antispasmodic properties. And yes, in case of difficult digestion or simply bloating, opt for a Mint infusion after the meal to better digest. Quite a few of you must be very fond of Mint as a condiment! Indeed, this aromatic plant is very appreciated in savory or sweet dishes and even in drinks, such as mojito, which is the essential drink in summer. Its minty taste brings freshness to all types of dishes.

In the world, there are not far from 70 species of Mint and among them 600 varieties. It is very easy to grow, it only needs to be in moist soil and have good sunlight to flourish.



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