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Infusions : the best plants to help you face winter

The best plants for winter

Winter ! Its flakes, its chimney fires, its comfortable plaids ... And its recurrent illnesses! While some people love this time of year, others fear it because of the different viruses that hang around and spread. Flu, gastroenteritis, fatigue ... It's not always easy to stay strong and healthy. Fortunately, there are natural solutions to fight against these winter plagues, and to strengthen its immune defenses. This is particularly the case for certain plants which, consumed in the form of infusions, can help you counteract the small evils of winter.

Say no to gastroenteritis, thanks to Chamomile

Famous since Antiquity, Chamomile has sometimes unsuspected virtues. It can actually be used as an antispasmodic, which helps alleviate digestive problems and relieves the symptoms of gastroenteritis. To benefit from all the soothing properties of this plant, consume it regularly in the form of infusions.


Treat your cough with thyme herbal teas

With its good taste reminiscent of Provence, Thyme is a shock ally to get through winter serenely. Drink Thyme infusions up to three times a day to relieve your winter cough, caused by bronchitis. It is, moreover, a recognized source of vitamin C. What to keep your shape and quickly treat your little health hassles.


Fight fever with Verbena

Like many people, every year you are likely to be targeted by the dreaded flu! Fatigue, fever, body aches… How to relieve the symptoms? Trust Verbena! This plant, which is very often found in infusions, helps fight fever thanks to its antipyretic actions. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for acting on the sensation of joint pain, often felt in flu-like conditions.


Defend yourself from colds with Ginger

Often used as an aphrodisiac, Ginger has other, lesser-known properties. For example, it is ideal for boosting one's immune defenses. It is also a good solution to stem the first signs of the onset of colds. In short, it is an essential plant to fight against the small affections of winter.


Slow virus development with Licorice infusions

Consumed in the form of sticks or sipped in infusions, Licorice is one of the essential plants to spend the winter. In fact, it has the capacity to slow the development of viruses, which are very widespread at this time of the year. It is also an effective and natural remedy to cure hoarseness in the voice. Do not hesitate to taste it, mixed with other plants such as Mint and Fennel, as in our organic wellness infusion.

As you can see, there are many plants that can relieve winter ailments. Ingested regularly, between December and March, they will help you reduce the symptoms of diseases and strengthen your immune system. Consumed in the form of hot infusions, they will also be perfect, to warm your hands, body and mind.