Is it possible and economically acceptable to re-establish a French infusion plant industry?

Over the years, French plant crops have been abandoned in favour of imported plants and other more profitable and subsidized crops.
PAGÈS, a major player in the packaging of infusion plants in France and a responsible company, wants to be involved in the relocation of a real French infusion plant industry. "French" should always be synonymous with quality and "good" in the world of plants.
We remain convinced that there are solutions to produce quality and economically interesting French infusion plants.

An ancient territory

We have actively participated in the reintroduction of local infusion plants cultivation.
In 2013, in collaboration with a local integration company, we introduced infusion plants around our manufacturing site in order to actively participate in the revival of local self-production.

A company involved with the local population

We are very involved in the orientation and training of young people (through company visits, counselling, internships and work-study positions).
We are also involved in the quality of local life, by supporting sports events (15km from Le Puy, Grand trail from Saint Jacques...) and cultural events (Fêtes du roi de l'oiseau, La Chaise Dieu Festival...) financially but also by participating in the animation.


We are proud to be a company that does things right, both economically and for its customers and employees.
The major ecological problems facing our planet (pollution, depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, intensive agriculture, urbanization) teach us that the actions of each individual or legal entity sometimes have irreversible consequences on the future of the earth and on future generations.

As a company, PAGÈS has a real responsibility to contribute to the preservation of the planet for future generations. And in this, we choose to be exemplary.

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