Organic infusion with the original recipe composed of Green tea, Mate and fruity flavors of Pineapple and Cranberry - line

Box of 20 stay-fresh sachets - 30g
3.50 €

i.e. 116.67 €/kg

Enjoy an original blend with the combination of Green Tea and Maté blended with the tangy flavours of Pineapple and Cranberry.

This drink, which gives off a sweet plant scent, is ideal to accompany a diet.

Green Tea helps weight loss as part of a balanced diet. Consuming 2 to 3 tea bags per day allows you to take full advantage of its effects.


Ingredients: Meadowsweet organic, Green tea organic 30%, Maté organic 16%, Ash leaves organic, Natural flavors 10%, Cranberry granulated juice organic, Pineapple organic.

Brewing time : 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing temperature : 90°C