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Night Honey

Organic Linden Cinnamon herbal infusion

Box of 20 stay-fresh sachets - 30g

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Linden and Chamomile are combined with Orange tree in this recipe.

This infusion diffuses a sweet herbal scent that blends subtly with the sweetness of the Honey and the aroma of Cinnamon, for a delicious drink, ideal for preparing for a good night's sleep.


Orange tree enhances a state of relaxation and relief conducive to falling asleep. A consumption of 4 tea bags allows you to fully enjoy its benefits. 

Brewing time : 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing temperature : 90°C


Linden, Cinnamon,

Our experts tell us about it

Patricia - PAGÈS expert

"A recipe full of smoothness that is characterized by its sweet taste of Honey, and by the spicy and gourmet flavour of Cinnamon on the palate.

This infusion is a PAGÈS best seller and is one of the best ways to spend a pleasant evening before bedtime!"