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Tea and cheese, a nice mix

Tea and cheese, a surprising mix

The purists of the wine / cheese association may be reluctant to change their habits, delicious we must admit, to test a nice tea / cheese ... however, who tries nothing has nothing! At Pagès, we got caught up in the game and the result is clear: tea / cheese is not bad at all!

First, it is important to remember that tea, like wine, contains tannins. More or less intense, the tannins derived from polyphenols can enrich the flavors of the cheeses that we love so much. While some will like the healthiness of tea, compared to wine, others will prefer the originality of this association. In any case, it is a win win!

In addition, the wide variety of teas (nature or flavored) makes it possible to respond to the very specific aromas of cheese, as well as to its many varieties. For those who dare to test this surprising mixture, you will find that many options are available and there will obviously be one that will make you succumb!

Finally, note that we quite often associate cheese with sweet notes, like fruits for example. We do the same thing with tea, so why not try it?


If you still think (because yes, we are trying to convince you!) That the tea / cheese combo is to be avoided, here are some tips for the curious who would still like to try it.



OK but, which tea with which cheese?

Tea with creamy cheeses: the tannins in the tea, such as good black tea, immediately brings an explosion of flavors in mouth. Besides, the warm / cold side and mix of textures is also pleasant. Imagine combining a well-flowing cheese, like Coulommiers, with a classic black tea, with woody flavors ... Doesn’t it make your mouth waters?

Tea with dry cheeses: take a Comté, a little old like 30 months of ripening (we are already on a very good base) and combine it with a rather sweet, fruity green tea. It's a bit like associating your Comté with Apricot: it's sweet, it's delicious, it sparkles in the mouth!

Tea with character cheeses: let's now take fourme d'Ambert (no no, it’s not because Ambert is in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and we are chauvinistic). Its pronounced flavors will go perfectly with those of a Darjeeling tea, with a light and coppery body.

Tea with soft cheeses: for those who love tenderness, the association of a small goat cheese with a delicious white tea, known for its sweet and pure aromas, will be perfect.


If these few association ideas do not suit you, do not hesitate to test your own mixes, because the marriage of tea with cheese is not only a healthy trend but a real idea of genius. In any case at Pagès, we love it!