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Tea, the true remedy against the back-to-school blues

Going back to school or work makes you want to go back under the covers? Don’t move, we have the solution against the back-to-school blues… The benefits of tea on our morale

We talked a lot about the benefits of tea and herbal tea on the body in our previous articles, in detox or to eliminate holiday excesses… But did you know that they are also very effective for morale?

As there is a tea for every moment of the day (an article will come on this topic), there is also a tea for each mood. Whether you are tired, stressed or demoralized, a tea will correspond to you.

When one has the morale in socks, there is nothing better than giving oneself fair moments and pleasing oneself with simple everyday things.



Advices from the Pagès team in case of a blues stroke

Here are our little tips to get back in a good mood and make school a good time:

To start: In the morning, ring your alarm clock 15 minutes early. Use these 15 minutes to wake up quietly, to have a good breakfast and an infusion. You’ll see, your mornings will be much less stressful. What it takes to get back on track is to take your time and avoid any source of stress…

You can opt for a black tea that has the reputation of being relaxing and that will allow you to wake up in the morning or to reboot in case of a diet decrease.


Think about yourself

During your day, think of yourself. A hot drink is comforting. If you can, do not hesitate to drink a good herbal tea, it will do you the greatest good! It is important to take care of yourself, whether you are in school, at work or at home. Drinking a good tea or a good herbal tea will certainly give you a feeling of well-being!