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Discovering the Pai Mu Tan

Discovering the Pai Mu Tan

The Pai Mu Tan, a white tea with fruity aromas

The Pai Mu Tan tea, originally from China and more precisely of the Fujian province to the southeast of the country, is a white tea with especially recognizable aromas. Moreover, the name Pai Mu Tan is translated into Chinese by “White Peony” in reason of the fruity and floral aromas liberated during the infusion of the tea which reminds the smell of Peony. The Pai Mu Tan tea is also recognizable by its characteristic long white sheets.

Harvested by hand only in spring, this tea has an unparalleled flavor: its particularly refined taste accompanied by a sweet note, releases an aroma of ripe fruit and flowers. These fruity and floral aromas prove to be very thirst-quenching.

But what is the white tea exactly? This is in reality the most natural tea, the thinnest and it is the one that brings the most benefits. Indeed, the white tea is the tea that undergoes the least transformation during its production process. Compared to other types of tea, white tea is very rich in antioxidants.

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When is the best time to take it?

Very refreshing thanks to its aromas, it will be very pleasant for you to drink Pai Mu Tan tea in summer. You can drink it at any time of the day: morning, afternoon or evening, it is up to you!

It is also entirely possible to add Pai Mu Tan tea in some of your dishes to make them even more original and surprising for your guests!


Pai Mu Tan or “the tea of the emperors”

The Pai Mu Tan is often call the “tea of the emperors”. However, for what reasons? This white tea very refined was indeed named for its delicacy and elegance. This title of nobility also comes from the white peony, symbol in China of prosperity, beauty and femininity.

All these characteristics are in fact at the heart of the product: the finesse of the aromas of this white tea is unique! The golden yellow color that results from the infusion of the tea leaves in hot water also gives a noble aspect to this product.




How to prepare it well?

The Pai Mu Tan tea, like all the white teas, will keep all its aromas and vitamins if it is brewed in a water width a low calcaire content with a temperature of up to 176°F. You can then plunge the Pai Mu Tan leaves into a teapot, omitting to put the lid on. Let your tea steep in water for 10 to 20 minutes: it is up to you to test and make your choice according to your taste!

One of the specific characteristics of the Pai Mu Tan is that it is possible to brew your tea 3 times without losing any of its flavour. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to add milk, sugar or lemon. The tea could thus lose its qualities in terms of aromas.

You can also opt for a more traditional preparation in line with Chinese culture. To do so, you will need a "zhong", a porcelain cup with a lid and of Chinese origin. These cups are traditionally used for infusions and tea consumption in China.

This particular preparation method will guarantee you a colorful tasting where the scents of your infusion will tickle your nose. A fresh, fruity and floral fragrance will embalm your preparation whose golden color will make you travel to the Orient.


We hope that you will have been able to learn something from this article and if you ever test this tea, don't hesitate to share your feelings and opinions with us!


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