Eco-friendly production


  • PAGÈS teas and infusions are ORGANIC and certified by Ecocert in compliance with the specifications of the regulations in force. Moreover, our quality policy is framed by the International Food Standard (IFS), a very demanding reference system that is highly valued by our distribution partners in France.
  • We are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership association, which works to improve the quality of the crops, limit their impact on the environment, and encourage ethical and fair trade practices. We also collaborate with Max Havelaar. For our Herboriste du Velay infusions, we are also members of the Biopartenaire association which, since 2002, defends fair trade in organic agriculture through its eponymous label: BIOPARTENAIRE®
  • We prefer to work in France, close to our location. Our box and cardboard suppliers and our transporter are regional companies, we have been working with them for decades.

Today, we have chosen to go further by actively participating in the redeployment of a French plant production sector, in particular through the production of infusions in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.


Our packaging activity generates packaging. It is our responsibility to design them with common sense to preserve natural resources and reduce our waste:

  • We have eliminated the flaps on our cardboard overpackaging cartons.
  • We have eliminated the use of cellophane, while ensuring the inviolability of the box: we save 60 tons of plastic per year.
  • We use a paper bag without metal staples and without glue: the paper of your tea bags is often impregnated with glue in order to close it by gluing. We have chosen not to use glue.
  • At PAGÈS, our cardboard boxes are recyclable, and mineral oil residue levels are controlled so as not to run a food risk. We are working to be 100% FSC certified on all our boxes by the end of 2021

We are working to limit plant losses in our production cycle.

By 2022, Pagès is going further by packaging 100% of its range of bags in glue-free paper envelopes, and has eliminated the last remaining plastic envelopes on certain varieties.