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Find the classic tea that fits you

Find the classic tea that fits you

Classic tea

PAGES, the house specialised in manufactoring of tea and infusions for several years, has selectionned for you the best in plants from organic agriculture, rich in flavour and aroma, so as to offer you a moment of natural pleasure with its variety of classic and organic tea.Discover exquisite blends of smells and enjoy that all day long.

Find the essential tea which looks like you, match with you  and enjoy it slowly for smell all the aromas. That’s where  lives the force of PAGES : the creative house of tea makes you discover classics simply, but always with the same intensity.

Classic teas that are offered by PAGES are real creations and are available in a lot of varieties, but always in respect with this precious balance, which makes classic tea very universal.



Our selection of classic teas

According to your tastes and your needs, PAGES offer to you teas known by everyone, each have their own specific characteristics. Discover all our recipes including imperial Ceylan black tea, organic Darjeeling tea, classic Earl Grey tea (in green and black tea version), without forgetting the essential English Breakfast, the indetruable mint tea, which, with its simplicity, continues to seduce you. With PAGES, you can find the Russian Earl Grey black tea and the Sencha too. 

PAGES offers to you classic teas in bulk also : discover Breakfast and Earl Grey black teas, mint and Sencha green teas. Know that you have the possibility to command those classic teas in caps.


Which choose Pagès' classic teas ?

PAGES is a creative tea house since 160 years. During these experience years, has preserved the authentic taste of classic tea.

That what permite us to be among brands including tea is known all around the world.

By choosing to drink PAGES classic tea, you can be sure to offer at your senses, a journey they will long remember. With friends or alone for finish your day in the best way, the PAGES classic tea, PAGES is your ally everyday.

Moreover, PAGES is committed and set up a general eco-responsible approach by developping actions in the company with its employees, suppliers or customers. So, don’t wait and command now the classic tea which seduce you.

Moreover, on our website, you can enjoy delivery offered on each order, with no minimum purchase. You can also enjoy our secure payment platform for make your purchases with confidence. PAGES team is waiting for you and is at your disposal if you have some questions about our classic teas.