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How do you keep busy when you’re home?


Staying home is the perfect time to take care of yourself. All year round, we work, we go to school, we can find ourselves in stressful situations... The city, the job, the public transport: all these elements are sources of anxiety. It is often very difficult to find time for oneself, to take care of our health and body in our hectic daily life.


You are in telework, at home, you have managed to take care of your children and have some time in front of you? Follow the guide!


How do you keep busy when you’re home?


Bring your favourite cup

Because it’s true, you have to indulge yourself and drink a hot drink in your best mug, it gives the heart balm, doesn’t it?


Choose your tea or herbal tea

The most important thing! Choose an herbal tea or a relaxing tea that will give you well-being and relaxation. Why not opt for the Serenity green tea or our relaxing herbal tea? You can also consume any other taste, as long as this moment makes you happy!



Find a good show, a movie

And yes, it’s the perfect time to start the movie you’ve been hearing about for months, finish the series you started and never had time to finish!


Taking care of yourself

What better way than to watch a show with a good herbal tea while taking care of the body? Come on, let’s get your mask for the favorite face and get on the sofa !



Here are our little relaxation tips but you can also do all the activities you’ve pushed back, activities that we never have time to do like:


Tidying up your home, your apartment, your room

As they say, it is in a townhouse that one thinks best (you know this expression, right?). Sort it out, throw away the surplus and make room.

And we take the opportunity to have a little tea break!


Trying new things

This is the perfect time to start! You have time to think about new projects, new goals to achieve, it’s time to go for it! (Always with a cup of tea, you have to combine the useful with the pleasant, right?)


Making a good snack

Cooking is a relaxing activity that will take you through most of your days. Treat yourself and your loved ones by preparing a good snack. Conviviality guaranteed!



As you can see, we can easily find things to do here. Take care of yourself and your loved ones