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How to enhance our Pagès cold herbal tea ?

Pagès' cold herbal teas

The Pagès iced herbal tea, does that mean anything to you? If you know a little bit about our products, you must see what we are talking about. For others, we invite you to come right here, to learn more about our drinks as gourmet as refreshing (and always organic).

To make a long story short, here is what to remember from our cold herbal tea: they are good, they are organic, they are practical and they are eaten cold. To make it longer, our herbalists have developed three recipes (Line, Zen and Detox) so that they can be directly infused cold.

You will have understood, there is no need to heat the water and then let it cool to consume our iced herbal tea. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? However, the herbal tea time is longer than on our other products: allow 8 to 10 minutes to enjoy all the flavors and peps of our three refreshing herbal tea.

Fresh, healthy, gourmet herbal tea… Ideal for the warm season in short. In this heat wave, what could be better ?


A few tips to enhance our cold herbal tea

If you are not excited about the idea of drinking a cold herbal tea, we advise you to first try one of our recipes. Many are reluctant to be more than pleasantly surprised by the flavors of our iced herbal teas and many (almost all in fact) are the ones who adopt them afterwards!

If you are still not packed or want to give this drink even more pep, we have a few tips that will allow you to enhance our iced herbal tea.

Let’s take for example the Detox herbal tea, with Raspberry leaves and Orange Sanguine flavor. Why not give it an extra touch of originality with some fresh fruit ? Oranges, Raspberries, Nectarines… Let your imagination run wild ! To help them release all their flavors, wash and cut (or squeeze) the fresh fruit in your ice herbal tea.

Wait about ten minutes, just the time necessary for the sweet or sparkling flavors of our iced herbal teas and those of your fruits to do their work, before tasting (Fan toes by the pool, that is even more fun !)

Nothing is easier and faster to make a cold and delicious drink!

Watch over here for a short tutorial «Comment agrémenter son infusion glace Pagès ? » in video: