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How to take care during the summer evenings?

How to take care during the summer evenings?

What activities to do during the summer evenings?

It is true that in summer we take our time. The pace slows down, you rest and you may even be on vacation. Even being at work, we all decompress during the two summer months. The days are hot, we do activities but in the evening, how can we keep busy? Today, Pagès gives you a small list of ideas to animate your summer evenings! And we will show you that each evening corresponds to its infusion… Even in summer!


A night of series

You will understand, at Pagès, we love to watch series with a good cup of infusion (we had already concocted a small article to help you keep busy during the confinement here).

In the summer, you don’t want to drink hot drinks all day, do you? Well, in the evening, it’s the perfect time to give yourself your tea moment. In your sofa, relax in front of your favorite series accompanied by a warm drink. Cocooning moments, we love it!


A barbecue evening with friends

The unmissable thing of summer: the barbuc’ evening! With friends or family, barbecues are expected all year round. The weather is nice, it’s hot, we eat well… Everything is gathered to have a good time and create great memories! Not to mention the drinks! Our iced infusions will be your best friends and moisturize you in the healthiest way! Have you thought about making your own iced tea with recipes to be drunk hot? For example, Yuzu Mandarin infusion or green detox teas and Mango Apricot are perfect as a cold drink! Be careful, it is better to infuse your sachets in 90° water and then let your drink cool (and why not, add ice cubes for fresher).


 An evening at the campsite

When camping or under a tent in the middle of nature, it is sometimes difficult to find an occupation.

At the campsite, many activities are set up to animate your evenings. Have a drink with your neighbours, go to the camping pool, listen to music, take a walk, introduce your friends to Pagès teas and infusions… Here’s a little list of things to do when you’re bored at the campsite.


An evening under a tent

If you know a little about our brand, you probably know that we are located in Auvergne and Puy-en-Velay more precisely. We are fortunate to be surrounded by nature, mountains, streams… So camping and setting up our tent for one night is pretty easy. But you too can do it! If you live in the city, you’ll be in a different place.

And now it’s the night of the stars! So look up to the sky from August 07 to 22 to see the stars and constellations shine with a thousand lights!

Here again you can be accompanied by our infusion Night Pear Blueberry for example to be well in the theme.

Here is a short list of things to do to keep busy on summer evenings. (Of course, you can also recommend activities because yes, Team Pagès likes to listen to your advice )