In the heart of Auvergne

We are a company based in Haute-Loire, a discreet department in the heart of the Massif Central. Here, there is no race to develop urbanism. We are aware of the quality of our environment, and therefore of our responsibility to preserve it.

We are herbalists since 1859. Our presence in the Velay region is no coincidence: Verbena, Gentian, Blueberry..., our region is, along with Provence, the main historical land of aromatic and medicinal plants in France.

We are an old company from Auvergne, which was forged on values of simplicity and honesty. A sense of responsibility, ethics, and respect for our employees and suppliers are our daily way of life at PAGÈS.

Our job is to package quality organic plants, to offer you a tasting experience with an incomparable taste, that no doubt would come to spoil.

Over the years, French plant cultivation has been abandoned in favor of imported plants, and many production sites have been relocated in our industry. As an actor of infusion plants and tea in France, we are strongly exposed to constraints that engage every day our responsibility for the sustainability of natural resources:

  • Infusion plants and tea are grown all over the world. This requires us to take into account issues such as the use of pesticides, soil erosion and irrigation, poverty of local populations and fair trade...
  • We package these products in bags and boxes, using paper and cardboard, which are limited resources.
  • We are located in Puy-en-Velay in a rural and isolated area, which gives us an important responsibility as an employer.
  • Finally, as an agri-food company, our working conditions are demanding and sensitive in terms of exposure to occupational diseases.

Faced with this reality, we are fighting to continue to produce in France and we have chosen to add the specifications of Organic Agriculture to our quality policy. Today, PAGÈS is a stakeholder in the re-establishment of a French organic infusion plant industry with unique taste qualities, convinced that there are solutions to continue producing quality teas and infusions in France with a sustainable economic project.