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Reuse your used tea

Reuse your used tea

The zero waste trend is more and more frequent in our daily life. Recycling is practical, economical and espacially good for the environment.

There are many products that can be reused in a completely different manner than its original one.

Did you know that even your tea bags can have a second life?

You are gonna be surprised of the many uses of tea…


Tip #1: Absorb smells

By letting your tea bag dry, you will get a "potpourri" with whats inside. It will easily embalm your home.
You can also create air cleaners with tea! Dry your infused bags and add a few drops of essential oil on it. Once the oil disperses itself, just add a few more drops.


Tip #2: Caring for everyday problems

Small cut or mosquito bite, use your infused tea bags to treat small superficial wounds.
Mosquito bite: Tea will soothe itching.
Scratch: thanks to its healing properties, green tea helps the blood coagulate in case of a small cut.


Tip #3: Degrease and clean

Soak your dishes in hot water with 2 already used tea bags. This can help neutralize grease without having to apply aggressive chemicals. Leave your tea loose in the dish or sink with water, and wait for this degreasing effect to take off the dirt.

You can also use you used tea bags to wash glass surfaces such as mirrors or windows.


Tip #4: A natural fertilizer

Put your infused tea bags in a bucket of water. Use this to water your plants and protect them from fungi. Alternatively you can also open used tea bags and sprinkle the moist leaves around the base of your plants to fertilize the garden floor and prevent rodents from coming.

You can also use them for your compost: like most organic waste, the inside of tea bags has is more appropriate in a compost than in the bottom of a garbage can.


Tip #5: A natural dark circle repellent

After infusing a tea bag (preferably green), pass it over your eyelids to decongest the eyes and clear the dark circles.

Rich in antioxidant, tea promotes blood circulation and is ideal to reduce the nasty dark circles that give us a small look. For even more efficiency, the ideal solution is to place the tea bags in the refrigerator for five to ten minutes and then apply them to the eyes between fifteen and twenty minutes. The cold will help decongest the marks under the eyes. For even more efficiency, we opt for green tea, with highly antioxidant virtues.


Tip #6: For an antioxidant bath

Throw your already used tea bags in the hot water of your bath. Sprinkle your bags in the water of your bath. All aromas are good for your skin, however, you can use a Jasmine tea for an aromatherapy experience. You can also try Chamomile tea to relax your whole body.


Tip #7: Repelling Pests

Mouses don’t like the smell of tea. Store your bags in closets, cabinets or any other place where they can nest. For more protection, soak the bags with peppermint essential oil. Not only does it prevent rodents, but it can also repel spiders and ants. And as a bonus, it perfumes your home naturally, unlike chemical repellents.


How to store your used tea bags

With all these great ideas to reuse your old tea bags, you just have to store them somewhere until they are used. Wet tea bags can be kept at room temperature for one day. Beyond this time, you can keep them in the fridge to prevent mould growth. Be careful, like every natural food, tea does not keep indefinitely. If they smell unusual, choose a fresh bag.

As you will have understood, the tea has not finished surprising us… Here you are ready to recycle your used tea bags!