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Sweets and herbal tea: make a 100% well-being snack for your children

Sweets and herbal tea: make a 100% well-being snack for your children

Herbal tea for children

It may seem surprising to some, but yes, infusions are also for children. It is obvious that not all plants are suitable for them, for example it is necessary to avoid theine or other plants with too strong flavors or properties, but some are totally adapted to the child. Chamomile, for example, is generally appreciated by children. 

It is said that drinking infusion during breastfeeding can familiarize your future child with this type of drink. Be careful however to favor a recipe based on plants adapted to the pregnancy. For its first tasting, we advise you to opt for a tasty, herbal recipe adapted to its well-being at first, and composed of sweet fruit flavours or sweet notes. If your child is confused by this type of consumption, a very sweet and gourmet recipe will help him to enjoy this drink. 



Our recipes, intended not only for the baby, but also for the young mother, are delicious herbal teas. They were developed with the aim of adapting to the young palace of little ones but also to the delicate palate of the young Mother.


Ideas for a healthy snack, to make yourself

Has your child ever tasted an infusion? If you are afraid that you will not enjoy drinking this type of drink, start by making him drink a gourmet herbal tea, based on fruits or sweet flavors, such as honey. However, make sure that the plants that make up the infusion are adapted to its young age.

Offering a tea at the snack can allow you to associate originality and well-being with this privileged moment. For its part, the herbal tea will give him the opportunity to vary the pleasures by changing from his usual drink.

A warm and balanced drink falls wonderfully at the time of the snack, moreover, it pairs perfectly with the small sweets. For example, we think of small homemade shortbread with jam or a few chocolate-coated madeleines… it gives us water in the mouth! 

These sweet ideas are simple and quick enough to make. A totally DIY and healthy snack is a good idea, right? Meet here to find out where we found these famous recipes: 

Homemade shortbread with jam, yum:,1200491.asp

The chocolate-coated madeleines, which can fall back into childhood very quickly: