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Tea, a beauty ally

Tea is good for our body, it allows us to detoxify, give us a boost, digest better or burn fat… But did you know that it is also very effective as a natural beauty care?

  1. Keep a bright face

The greatest use of tea for your skin is its hydration power. Drinking tea helps to moisturize your body and also your skin. Thanks to its antioxidants, tea has a detoxifying power: it allows you to eliminate toxins both inside and outside. This drink will allow you to have a radiant face and healthy hydrated skin.


  1. Anti-dark circles (see article Tip – Reusing used tea)

Are you tired and it shows on your face because of the nasty pockets under your eyes? We have the solution! Apply two tea bags already used on each eye for 15 to 20 minutes. Your dark circles will be less visible as if you had a good night’s sleep. Tested and approved!


  1. Enhance our hair

Tea also has virtues for your hair, it promotes growth and limits breakage. Before the last rinse, use warm tea water to make your hair shiny. We recommend black tea, it will bring to your hair beautiful golden reflections thanks to the tannins it contains.


  1. Care for Buttons

Tea is an excellent anti-inflammatory that will be useful for you to fight against small imperfections. In the evening before bedtime, after cleansing your face, apply the infused tea on your buttons or redness, using a cotton cloth.


  1. Dental Hygiene

Tea will be your ally for your oral hygiene. Rich in fluorine, it strengthens tooth enamel. It also fights dental plaque bacteria and gum problems such as gingivitis. Finally, we recommend a Green Mint Tea to have, in addition to all these benefits, a fresh breath.


As you will have understood, tea has not finished surprising us! It is now part of your natural beauty care kit!