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What herbal tea can I drink during my pregnancy?

What herbal tea can you drink while you're pregnant?

You are used to drinking herbal tea and you want to continue to do so even if you are pregnant? This drink made of plants and fruits is not dangerous as long as its consumption is reasonable and it is well chosen. So what pregnancy herbal tea can you drink?


The pregnancy herbal tea you can drink to feel good

Being pregnant is an intense joy and a special time for the future Mother. However pregnancy can also be synonymous with some inconvenience such as fatigue or insomnia, nausea, vomiting ... At Pagès, we know that the infusion is synonymous with comfort and well-being, that it goes through the virtues plants or simply the comforting aspect of a tender hot drink. Infusions are not advised against during pregnancy, but they must be well chosen. 

For example, you can eatMelisse, which is said to help relieve nausea. Indeed, it acts on the excess acidity of the stomach and helps to better digest. This plant is also known for other virtues such as reducing anxiety, spasms of the stomach, insomnia or improve blood circulation. In any case, drinking a cup of melissa tea will not hurt you! Beyond its legendary virtues, we also appreciate its delicately lemony taste.

If you have heavy legs and problems with water retention, related to your pregnancy or not, you can opt for a tea made from red vine and witch hazel. The Red Vine has legendary virtues in terms of blood circulation and is not deprecated during pregnancy!

Some future mothers may have problems with insomnia. A herbal tea made with orange blossom can help them get better sleep and fall asleep easily. If you want to vary the flavors, know that the Verbena, Linden and Melissa also promote a good sleep.

Another small inconvenience that may be related to pregnancy, constipation. In this case, the herbal tea par excellence is that composed of Mallow flower. It is important to respect the dosage indicated in the case of pregnancy. 

Finally, it is good to know that many midwives recommend Raspberry infusions during the last month of gestation. Raspberry is said to help the body prepare for delivery.