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What is the Maté ?

The Maté

Maté, also known as yerba mate, is a very popular beverage in Argentina and southern Brazil. It is known and recognized for its invigorating virtues. But before we tell you all about its benefits, let’s talk about the tradition around this drink…


The tradition of Maté

The Maté tasting is a convivial moment during which families and friends get together and pass a Calebasse which contains the maté.

A calabash is a vegetable that is dried and then dug containing the hot drink.


The virtues of Maté

Maté has many benefits.

It’s a very good painkiller. It helps relieve headaches from poor blood circulation, increasing blood pressure. It also helps to fight against fatigue thanks to caffeine and its stimulating effect.

Finally, it is also very useful for burning fat and regulating appetite.


Tea and Maté: what is the difference?

The maté has a greater stimulating effect compared to tea, it allows to remain attentive, without irritating. Indeed, its biggest difference with tea is the dose of caffeine, more concentrated in maté than in tea.

In terms of taste, Maté is close to herbal tea. With its high level of caffeine, it is still recommended not to drink it before bedtime.


Our recipe with Maté

You can find Maté in our Apple Slimming Tea recipe. A delicious and beneficial drink that combines Maté and Green Coffee with the tangy notes of Green Apple.