Blood orange

Organic iced infusion in tea bags, with pepsy notes of Blood Orange, ideal for summer

Box of 20 stay-fresh sachets - 40g
3.70 €

i.e. 92.50 €/kg

A sweet herbal infusion with natural organic flavors specially designed for cold brewing: it's the best for summer!

The combination of Raspberry leaves and Blood Orange flavor is a perfect fresh cocktail for the summer season.

Easy and quick to prepare, only 8 minutes, how not to fall for this infusion? To be consumed without moderation at any time of the day, for a thirst-quenching and non-caloric break.


Ingredients: Hibiscus organic 36%, Rosehip organic 25%, Orange peel organic, Raspberry leaves organic, Blood Orange granulated essential oil organic 5.8%, Chicory organic, Stevia organic, Blood Orange granulated juice organic.

Brewing time : 8 to 10 minutes

Brewing temperature : cold



Our experts tell us about it

Camille - PAGÈS expert

"This refreshing infusion is a success for adults and children alike!

An ideal drink to drink during the summer period, or for a refreshing break, and which offers us a sweet and slightly tangy flavor.

Enhanced with a few slices of Orange, this drink will delight your taste buds for a drink with no added sugar and no calories."

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