6 août 2019

Check out on our boxes and accessories!

Boxes and accessories

The box is undoubtedly the ideal gift for all lovers of tea and infusions. That's why at Pagès, we have put together the best recipes for tea and herbal tea in a box. Thus, no need to choose, you have an exceptional selection of our mixtures.

And so that tasting is a real moment of pleasure, Pagès also offers on its website accessories that allow you to prepare your tea or infusion in just a few minutes, like the tea-ball Pagès, which will save you precious time , while ensuring you a perfect infusion.

We also provide you with other accessories like our mug and our jar, each available in two colors, with the image of Pagès. More recent, our printed tote bag Pagès can also be the object of an original and modern gift.



Pagès' boxes

Our tea bags and infusions are packaged and overpacked, to offer collections of boxes of natural origin, so 100% biodegradable.

Find the different mixes as well as the emblematic assortments of the Maison Pagès in a thematic box: cardboard boxes or infusions, tea, or both, or boxes (always cardboard or wood) especially made for your well-being, composed of tea or infusions with relaxing properties. Take advantage of our boxes and briefcases on exclusive sale on our site! Floral trio of white tea, well-being tea or infusion cases, composite baskets ... There is something for everyone!

Discover our boxes of tea and infusions Pagès Bio with worked design. Thus, when you enjoy your tea or infusion, you enjoy an aesthetic box, which can add a touch of decoration to your kitchen, for example. With their six compartments of ten sachets or eight compartments of ten sachets for tea and herbal teas wood taster box, the Pagès boxes offer an abundance of flavors. They are perfect to have fun or to offer. Our Pages boxes are reusable, so that when you have drunk all your teas and infusions, you can fill it again with the products Pagès you particularly like or even with other objects!



What's in our Pagès boxes?  

Pagès offers you seven different boxes, responding to everyone's tastes and aspirations.

Made of 60 bags or 80 bags for tea and herbal teas, the Pagès boxes are available according to your needs and your budget. Starting from 15 euros, our selection boxes will provide you well-being and pleasure, all, combining greed or detoxification. For example, the box of tea and herbal tea is composed of eight essential recipes of the range Pages: black tea Earl Gray, green tea Mango Apricot, black tea Strawberry Rhubarb, green tea Mint, infusion Verbena, infusion Licorice Mint Fennel, infusion Apple Cinnamon Honey, and finally the Yuzu Mandarin infusion whose tangy flavors and delicate fragrance will make you capsize for sure.

So, do not wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by the many flavors that the tea and infusion sets of the most famous house of creation, Pagès, reserve for you.



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