9 novembre 2021

How and when to drink Mate?

You may have already wondered what is this famous mixture that the French soccer player Antoine Griezmann takes everywhere with him for his matches? This drink is none other than Mate. The latter is very popular in South America and more precisely in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay which are the only countries in the world to produce Mate.

The history of Mate

Real name "Ilex Paraguariensis", Mate is a species of shrub belonging to the holly family. It was in the 5th century that the "Guarani" people, originally from the Amazonian regions, began to use Mate first, in order to combat fatigue, promote good humor, but also as a basis for medicine. This traditional drink, much appreciated by Indians, appeared in Europe much later, in the 16th century, thanks to the travel accounts of explorers about the Indian people. Mate stands for hospitality, friendship, sharing and good humor, while the plant called Yerba Mate means several things, such as "Tea from Paraguay" and "Tea from the Jesuits". Also, there are several types of Mate, it can be more or less bitter depending on the variety.

The benefits of Mate

Mate is full of benefits for body and soul. Indeed, it acts as a stimulant to help concentration but also helps to boost the immune system. Also, it is a pain reliever to treat headaches and counter fatigue thanks to the presence of caffeine which acts as a stimulant, as is the case with drinks that we know very well (Tea and Coffee). The virtues beneficial to health are not negligible, in fact, Mate promotes the fat-burning effect in the body but also helps to regulate appetite. And just like green Tea, it has toning and slimming properties. If you are still not convinced of the positive effects of Mate on health, its energizing effects are long lasting and do not cause palpitations as it can be the case with the consumption of coffee.

How to drink Mate?

The preparation of Mate is a real ritual for all lovers of this traditional drink. You must start by infusing Yerba Mate, which are the leaves of Mate, in a small container called a calabash. The name "Mate" given to this drink is nothing more than the result of the infusion of the leaves of Yerba. In this cup, you have to fill the Yerba Mate with two thirds of water to moisten the leaves, then add the filter straw, the bombilla. Finally, just add hot water to infuse the preparation. Be careful, the water must be hot and not boiling, the ideal temperature is between 70 ° and 80 °. Mate can be consumed hot or cold depending on your preference.

Now that we've revealed our top tips for making a good Mate, all we have to do is reveal the best times to taste it!

The best time to taste Mate is in the morning. And yes, it is a 100% natural stimulating drink that will help you start the day on the right foot. You can consume it throughout the day to help you stay focused. This drink is perfect for your break from work. If you are a sports fan, you can take it before or after your physical effort as Antoine Griezmann does to help you recover better after training. Mate can also be taken before sleep to help the body relax. But be aware, this does not concern everyone. And yes, you must already be used to this drink otherwise you will have even more trouble falling asleep.

If you haven't tasted Mate yet, you are probably wondering what it tastes like. Mate is described as having surprising flavors with a taste between Coffee and Tea. … Test it to believe it.

Did you know ?

A single preparation of Mate can be re-infused up to 10 times in the same day.



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