10 novembre 2021

Discover our wooden infusion box made in France!

Our French wooden box: an ethical and local approach

Pagès launches a brand new French wooden box. The launch of this product reflects our ethical and local approach. The wood in our box comes from French forests (more exactly from Puy-de-Dôme, Loire, Allier, Nièvre and Cher). Our supplier, a company from Puy-de-Dôme, treats wood in the traditional way and knows how to combine craftsmanship with technology, to provide a high quality result and a unique box. Indeed, each product is different: the grain of the wood is not the same depending on the model, thus giving this brand new box an exclusive character.


Our French wooden box: the best of plants in 8 recipes

Our French wooden box is also the desire to make you savor the best of plants through a discovery offer: 10 tasty recipes, or 80 sachets. Generosity and gourmet food are on the program! We have selected for you our signature recipes, the most original and the most appreciated:

- Organic herbal tea Thyme Lavender Rosemary

Thyme, used to promote breathing, is a great classic in herbalism. Lavender and Rosemary present powerful aromatic notes. Their association in this Bio Pagès infusion offers a unique organoleptic experience. Sincere notes, the right dosage and generosity: this is what characterizes our signature Thyme Lavender Rosemary recipe.


- Organic herbal infusion Yuzu Mandarin flavor

Recipe both gourmet and original, our organic infusion Yuzu Mandarin flavor is a delicate drink. It reveals a fruity fragrance of Mandarin, citrus fruit with juicy and sweet flesh. Yuzu, a small citrus fruit similar to Lime, has a very pleasant tangy taste on the palate.


- Organic Mint infusion cultivated in France

The Mint in this infusion grows in the heart of our beautiful French regions. It presents notes that are both intensely fresh and sweet on tasting. Our Organic French Mint infusion is simplicity itself, the desire to please your taste buds through the good taste of a plant that grows near your home.


 -Organic Verbena infusion cultivated in France

Verbena was introduced in France at the end of the 18th century. The inhabitants of Velay were quick to make it their emblem, seduced by its naturally lemony taste and its beautiful appearance. This Verbena grows in the heart of Drôme, on sunny lands surrounded by marked relief. The good taste of plants is also simplicity through an organic infusion of pure French Verbena.


- Earl Gray Original organic green tea

This organic tea is a variation of the iconic Earl Gray on a Green tea base. It is named after the person who discovered it: The Gray Account, "Earl Gray" in English. Pagès Organic Earl Gray green tea comes from the Grands Jardins. It combines the finesse of Green tea with the bewitching flavor of Bergamot, a Mediterranean citrus fruit that resembles a small orange of yellow color. Its infusion leaves characteristic notes in the mouth.


- Lemon lime flavor organic green tea

Pagès combines two inseparable flavors in this organic recipe: Green tea and Lemon flavor. The tea selected here comes from exceptional organic gardens. This blend combines the finesse of green tea with the powerful and tangy notes of Lemon and Lime. This refreshing and delicious drink has been created in a spirit of simplicity and naturalness. The infusion of these citrus fruits gives this product a characteristic and delicious taste.


- Fragrant mint organic green tea

Pagès Organic Mint Green Tea combines the finesse of teas with the fragrant freshness of Sweet Mint. This balanced recipe with natural and intense flavors plunges us into the pure Moroccan tradition, through meticulous preparation. This high-quality tea comes from organic gardens, it reveals the best that a mint green tea can offer: intensity and freshness. The infusion of mint leaves is sweet and has a naturally fresh taste.


- Sencha Tradition organic green tea

Particularly appreciated in Asia for thousands of years, tea is now widely used throughout the world. This Sencha tea comes from the Great Asian Gardens. It is characterized by the pure aroma of young leaves just picked, with herbaceous notes that are particularly pleasant to taste. This traditional organic tea is one of the essentials: we cannot resist its sincere and characteristic taste.



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