21 janvier 2022

Drink Tea or drink Coffee?

Even if it is said that the French prefer Coffee, this does not prevent Tea consumption from doubling in the last 20 years. And yes, there is something for everyone whether it is Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Espresso, Long coffee, ristretto…

Aside from the taste between these great drinks, do you really know what the differences are between the two and also what are the benefits of each of the drinks for the body? And yes, do you know which one is better to drink in the morning for example? Keep reading this article to find out all about it!

Theine / caffeine, is there a difference?

First of all, you are certainly wondering if there is a difference between theine and caffeine, the latter two correspond to an identical molecule. And yes, you will have understood it correctly, there is no difference between the two apart from the quantity and the time of assimilation by the body. It is often said that Coffee is a stimulating and exciting drink because it has the ability to wake you up much faster than Tea. While both drinks provide the same dose of energy but they act differently in our body. Indeed, there is three to four times less caffeine in a cup of Tea than in a cup of Coffee. Also, the theine contained in coffee will be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, while with Tea it will take several hours. This is also due to the caffeine content. But be careful, you have to pay attention to the caffeine content depending on the origin of the Tea or Coffee, and the method of infusion. Whether it is Tea or Coffee, both act as a stimulant on the nervous system and are rather beneficial on attention and alertness. It is even said that it can reduce fatigue. However, it should be noted that theine is better assimilated by the body. The strong point of tea is that it stimulates without exciting as coffee can do on some people.


Both drinks are rich in antioxidants. Tea contains a lot of epicatechins which is a very powerful antioxidant from the flavonoid family. The latter helps protect us from many diseases, such as certain cardiovascular diseases because these molecules improve blood flow. But it can work with daily consumption.

Regarding Coffee, it is just as rich in antioxidants and allows you to fill up! It is said that consuming at least four coffees a day would reduce the risk of recurrence of colon cancer in subjects who have already had colon cancer. Several studies have also shown that daily Coffee consumption could prevent the risk of diabetes. Indeed, it would improve the sensitivity to insulin, the latter is used to regulate the level of sugar in the blood. Overall, Coffee would act to reduce liver disease. But beware, this has only been found in big fans of this drink. Indeed, to hope to see some of these effects, you would have to consume an average of 3 or 4 cups each day.

Be careful not to abuse these drinks. Coffee and Tea are to be consumed in moderation (like everything you will tell me)

Tea and iron deficiency

Tea contains Tannin which itself slows iron absorption and this can prevent up to 70% of iron absorption by the body. This is why it is recommended to consume Tea outside of meals for people prone to iron deficiency. It is better to wait at least 2 hours after a meal to consume it.

And of course, favor organic Tea, in order to limit the treatments and pesticides that the tea leaves can undergo and thus consume a less polluted Tea. Your body will thank you!

When is it better to drink Tea or Coffee?

Finally, if you are a fan of both and can't decide, enjoy both throughout the day at different times.

In the morning, we advise you to start the day with a very hot tea to give you energy throughout the morning and not to feel a little tired in the morning. Tea can also be consumed at the end of the morning to wait before lunchtime. If you didn't already know, this drink acts as an appetite suppressant because of the nutrients present in it, acting to boost the hormones of satiety in the body.

While coffee is to be consumed preferably once you are wide awake, in the morning for example to give a little boost to the body. Also, in the afternoon it is recommended to alleviate digestive fatigue and stimulate concentration. But be careful not to enjoy a cup of Coffee too late in the afternoon, otherwise your sleep will be altered in the evening. Otherwise, you can opt for a decaffeinated Coffee, it has the same benefits as normal Coffee except that it will not have the stimulating effect because it does not have caffeine.

And you then, are you more Tea or Coffee?



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