30 mai 2019

Essential oils : discover the Pagès herbal teas

Herbal tea with essential oils


Essential oil is known for its active agents and beneficial effects on the body. It must be said that the natural origin of essential oils gives them mineral and vegetable elements that are sometimes difficult to find elsewhere, even with a good daily nutritional intake. Pagès herbal teas with essential oils are full of flavours, originality and benefits.


Very common for treating chronic diseases (headache, indigestion, heavy legs, etc.), the effectiveness of essential oil comes from its natural substances. Our range of herbal tea with essential oils includes herbal teas from flowers, flower stems, bark and leaves. The concentration of these natural elements makes it possible to extract a pure essential oil, mixed with key ingredients for the development of comfort and well-being on the body.


The essential oils are used as granules in our herbal teas. They allow us to strengthen the action of our herbal teas. At Pagès, we only use certified organic plants. We select them by controlling their content in essential oils, which bring flavor and benefits to our plant mixtures.


In order to provide well-being and comfort, Pagès has naturally developed a range of herbal teas with essential oils. For example, our Mint and Lemon herbal teas are perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work, but also it is perfect to help you to sleep better. In fact, unlike Tea, an herbal tea does not present tea or any other active agent can stimulate the awakening. To maximize the effects of essential oil, it is advisable to drink up to three cups of herbal tea per day. So, no matter what effect you are looking for, you will feel widespread well-being when you consume.


Enjoy our Softness of life with Ayurveda, BasilLiquorice, Orange and Spices. It is ideal to allow you to relax after a hard day’s work, or at the end of meals to facilitate digestion.


If you are looking to solve a specific problem, know that our essential oil herbal teas can help you feel better. Pagès, specialist in herbal tea with essential oils, aims to provide you well-being and comfort thanks to a natural hot drink.



Give in to the pleasure of our infusions with essential oils & discover our delivery system

By ordering from our tea and herbal tea shop online, you will discover the richness of the flavors of our products vectors of well-being. Pagès guarantees free delivery, starting from 15€ purchase, regardless of your delivery area. For more information, we invite you to consult our general terms and conditions of sale which detail all our delivery procedure.


You will discover that Pagès likes to vary the pleasures and helps you to choose by offering you some samples, present in each new order. Thus, we add timeless and new, so that you stay informed of all our latest innovations and our essential creations in order to provide you with well-being. It must be said that we have put our know-how at your disposal for nearly 160 years, using quality natural products for a tasty and unique tasting of all our infusions with essential oils. 


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