12 juin 2019

Focus on our white teas with exquisite floral flavours

White tea

White tea is a rare variety of tea, whose leaves are fluffy buds of pale yellow-green color, which is why it is called white tea in the West.

The name “white tea” owes its name to the colour of the dried tea leaves and not to the colour of its infusion. Bai Mu Dan (or Pai Mu Tan), for example, is the best-known white tea. Its leaves are hand-picked and collected from large trees in the spring. The young leaves and buds are covered with a silvery down and this part is selected.

You will find Bai Mu Dan white tea in the blends proposed by Pagès, and whose Chinese name means “White Peony”. It is so named because of its rather pronounced fruity aroma and its fresh and floral taste reminiscent of that of the Peony.

Being a product whose rarity astonishes; white tea has not yet revealed all its benefits. However, white tea, very close to green tea, since the harvested leaves are those used for green tea at a different stage of maturation, is particularly rich in antioxidants and has a known fat burning action.


Manufacture of white tea

What makes white tea one of the most sought after teas by lovers is it manufacture, which is the simplest among those of all teas. It takes place in two stages:

The harvest comes first. It must be done according to a very precise method, that is, when the leaves are still on the tree, dry and ready to be picked. The terminal bud is then harvested, as well as the first two shoots of the tea tree. A few hours of outdoor drying in the sun follows: this is the stage called wilting, which is used to make the leaf lose water in order to soften it and make it malleable. Then comes the time of desiccation. This step consists in removing all the moisture from the leaves so that they are completely dry. These two simple steps are enough to make Pagès white tea a real delight for the senses.


Our selection of white tea

This refined organic white tea should be infused in water heated to 90°C for about 2 to 3 minutes. Its refined aroma of freshly harvested tea, coupled with white flowers, blends beautifully with the delicate softness of the petals of Blueberry, Rose and Mauve.

Organic white tea is low in tea. It is therefore perfect to end an evening in all lightness, without disturbing your sleep or sleep.

Choose elegance and refinement with our selection of the best organic white teas with Rose, Blueberry, and Mauve.




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