10 novembre 2021

How to choose your tea box for Christmas?

A tea box is a gourmet selection of teas (black, green, white or other), it's a discovery box, it's a soft bag for an explosion of flavors. In short, a tea set is an ideal gift for Christmas! Just like the infusion set, for those who are not into theine or whose loved ones do not particularly like tea, for even more indulgence with plants.

Christmas teas and herbal teas are often very fragrant: Orange and Orange peels, Rooibos, spices, Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cocoa beans, Vanilla, Apple, Almond… The list is as long as it is succulent ! Without trying to do too much, we don't know you, but here we already want to enjoy a little Christmas tea with a piece of gingerbread, just to stay in the theme. You can find different compositions of boxes, some are more typical of Christmas flavors than others. If you wish to offer, or to treat yourself after all, do not forget to indulge yourself, a box of several recipes with very Christmas flavors like those mentioned above, we advise you to go with an exclusive box and specifically developed for Xmas. You can find this type of product through a simple internet search.

If, on the other hand, you want to offer or treat yourself to a tea set, an infusion set or a set that combines the two, with more classic flavors, you can find your shoes all year round. Choosing more classic recipes, based on simple plants, green tea or plain black tea, or even based on more gourmet and original scented products, is to ensure that you are giving a gift that is sure to please. Why ? Simply because the flavors are less atypical, there is less risk of getting bored or consuming them than at a certain time of year as we can tend to do with Christmas recipes. Moreover, if you ignore the tastes of your loved ones or those to whom you are giving a Christmas gift box, going with a more classic offer is less risky. Finally, if you have chosen to give yourself a gift (after all, you have to indulge yourself too), buying a more classic box set based on simple recipes or composed and flavored recipes, it is s. make sure not to tire of Christmas-style recipes while varying the pleasures! If you are more up for a box of this type, you can absolutely opt for one of our Pagès boxes!


Our range of boxes is quite rich and varied:

- Prestige du Monde openwork box: this pretty wooden box, with the openwork leaf-shaped cover, includes 60 sachets. This assortment of teas and infusions from our Prestige du Monde range is varied and premium. Choosing our Prestige du Monde products for Christmas means offering your loved ones a real trip around the world.


- Wooden box of infusions: our wooden box of infusions consists of 60 sachets and a selection of six Pagès infusion recipes. Well-being products, classic herbal compositions, scented infusions ... the composition is varied, for everyone's pleasure and palate.


- Wooden tea box: our wooden tea box consists of 60 teabags and a selection of six Pagès tea recipes. There is also something here for all tastes: classic teas, flavored teas ... Let your loved ones be surprised by these exquisite varieties of teas.


- Wooden box of teas and infusions: for those whose heart balances between tea and infusion, for those who cannot choose ... we have developed a box of assorted teas and infusions, eight recipes for 80 sachets in total. Discovery and well-being are the watchwords of this set. All in a superb rosewood wood, looking great.


- Cardboard box 160 years Pagès: box specially developed for the 160th anniversary of the company, our cardboard box 160 years Pagès contains a 160 years infusion box (whose recipe was also developed especially for our big anniversary) as well as a mug bearing the effigy of Pagès and this celebration.


- Douceur de Vivre and Mug cardboard box: this box includes a mug from the Pagès brand and a Douceur de Vivre box from the Herboriste du Velay brand. This box is intended to be very soft and relaxing, like the warm notes delivered by our Douceur de Vivre infusion.


- Cardboard box from the L’Herboriste du Velay brand: this box includes six recipes from the L’Herboriste du Velay brand. Treat your loved ones with these 60 sachets of well-being herbal teas, scented herbal teas and classic herbal teas.


- Cardboard box of infusions: this cardboard box includes six different Pagès brand infusion recipes. We wanted to group our signature recipes in this box which is meant to be simple and which is a safe bet.


- Cardboard box of teas: this cardboard box includes six different tea recipes from the Pagès brand. We wanted to group our signature recipes in this box which is meant to be simple and which is a safe bet.


- Prestige du Monde cardboard box: cardboard version of our Prestige du Monde openwork box, this simple box contains 40 bags of prestige teas and infusions. Change of scenery and premium are guaranteed in this product.


- Special Auvergne box: this box was developed for an occasion and for a special purpose: to introduce Auvergne, our HQ. In partnership with companies from Auvergne, this set consists of Pagès teas and infusions, a soap from the Terre Sensorielle brand, a moisturizing day cream from the Florisis brand.


Whether your loved ones are heavy consumers of tea and herbal tea or not, choosing to give a gift box is a safe bet. A Christmas set (tea set, herbal tea set or both) is a gift set that everyone appreciates. Whether the recipes which compose it are oriented "Christmas" or not, the small crystal sachets will delight everyone!

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