8 novembre 2021

How to make a Christmas herbal tea?

Your Christmas tea: an herbalist game

The magic of Christmas is often accompanied by gargantuan meals ... and fatigue. Make no mistake, we love Christmas, the magic of the holidays and great food. We are convinced that, like us and like everyone else, you love this holiday season but that you also like to take advantage of these moments to decompress (it is the holidays all the same!) And to rest.

To spend the holidays in all serenity, here is how it works at Pagès: after a very lively and very rich meal (you have to indulge yourself all the same), we advise you to offer yourself a small herbal tea, preferably organic. The infusion after meal is the ally of a day like Christmas!

As for the ingredients, opt for a fruit flavored product if you want to prolong the moments of indulgence. Are you more of a tea maker? So let yourself infuse a small bag of tea with spices or Cinnamon (just to stay in the Christmas theme). And if you simply want naturalness, a more classic plant product will satisfy you.

Christmas herbal tea can also be an opportunity to play the herbalist by adding some magical notes to your organic product in sachets: Cinnamon, spices, Ginger ... a homemade organic Christmas herbal tea, what a treat! The easiest way is to start with a fairly classic herbal tea, or with a plain tea and add it by hand (once your bag - preferably organic - preferably Pagès - put in the water) the fruits and (or) spices that you love and that remind you of the good flavors of Christmas. Moreover, since Christmas is a time of sharing and activities, why not suggest that everyone make their own little homemade herbal tea? If you are the host of the holidays, bring some dried plants, spices with flavors reminiscent of Christmas, or even essential oils (they should be used sparingly, be sure to inquire about them). This cheerful basket of flavors can be offered to each of the guests so that everyone can concoct their homemade Christmas herbal tea. This is a great Christmas activity, which the children will surely like too, to offer to everyone to vary the pleasures of this beautiful day! This is an opportunity for everyone to get to know new flavors, to learn more about the plants and their dosages (so you will have to learn about each ingredient that you offer). A workshop around plants at Christmas, that's a good idea!

Speaking of fun, the ideal with Christmas herbal tea is still to indulge yourself with small cookies (once is not customary) or other sweet holiday delicacies. The first that come to our mind are the little Cinnamon cookies (the ones we often see in the shape of a star, the famous Zimsterne). These small bites are a real delight, and consuming them with a little licorice infusion ... it's the holy grail! If you're not a Cinnamon fan, the list of Christmas cookies is long, we're sure you'll find it right for you.

Cinnamon, isn't that your thing?

If you are not too trendy for Christmas flavors (Cinnamon, Licorice, Orange, Ginger, Star anise, etc.), you can still treat yourself (and do yourself good after a very hearty meal) with a good infusion. of the After Meal or Digestion type. Mint often composes this type of recipe, it promotes digestion and as much to say that during the holidays it can prove to be a real ally. If you prefer Tea, the essential mint green tea will be your friend.

A little calm in the magic of Christmas:

The holiday season is often dense for many of us: moments with family or friends, long and noisy meals, reunions and therefore chatting, play sessions with children, excitement ... The infusion of Christmas will not only be beneficial. for your stomach, it will also be for your rest. And yes, an infusion is drunk slowly, during a calm and collected moment. So this is the perfect opportunity to take a little time for yourself in all this magical Christmas hustle and bustle, this is the well-deserved excuse to sit back and relax, this is the opportunity to do nothing. Are you the organizer of a gargantuan meal because the parties are taking place at home? Think about those few minutes of infusion time, those few minutes during which you get away from all the hustle and bustle to prepare your infusion and patiently wait for your plant to infuse ... these few minutes are the perfect opportunity to breathe, close your eyes, sit down before leaving to enjoy the holidays with everyone. These are your minutes!

The Christmas herbal tea is good, the tea and herbal tea set is even better!

The herbal infusion from organic farming is a product that we like to consume all year round, Christmas is no exception! Besides, if you are a fan of our products, why not add a small Pagès box to your Christmas wish list? Choosing a box, to have fun or to please others, is THE ideal solution for Christmas. This allows you to have a selection of teas and infusions, gourmet and original flavors, a variety of recipes, at reasonable prices ... there is something for everyone on our site! Not to mention the fact that, if you're hosting Christmas parties with family or friends, having a little tea or herbal tea set (or both) at home is almost a must. This is an opportunity to introduce your guests to lots of recipes, to share a sweet and calm moment with them (the small minutes of infusion time can be a serene moment that we share) but also to share again more gluttony on this beautiful Christmas day!



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