5 novembre 2021

How to prepare a good infusion?

The history of the infusion in a nutshell

France is a big consumer of infusions where other countries consume more tea. Note that the history of infusion is actually the history of tea. So it goes back many years, you can imagine. So let's focus on the history of tea. It is said to have been discovered by the Emperor of China, Shen Nung, in 2737 BC. According to the writings, the reason for which he was induced to infuse tea leaves in his hot water varies: health issues, mere coincidence, etc. Still, the brewing of the tea started from then on.

It was only later that interest in other plants began for medical reasons. It is said that prehistoric man was the one who began to use plants for their healing powers. The first traces of writing on this subject were found in Mesopotamia and Egypt. In the ancient period, the Greeks and Romans already used several plants: Mint, Cardamom or Fennel.


Over the years, more and more writings can be read about plants and their virtues, but it was not until the Middle Ages that they were really recognized as effective medically. From then on, the professions of apothecary and then herbalist appeared, doctors developed herbal remedies ... in short, the use of plants and therefore herbal tea, exploded.

While these professions have disappeared in modern times, we are now seeing a resurgence of infusion by professionals and individuals. Health ally par excellence, miracle solution when looking for comfort, irresistible desire for gluttony ... we consume the infusion in all sauces. The use of plants is no longer limited to health, it goes far beyond.


The evening infusion, a real ritual

There is nothing like a good organic herbal tea in the evening when you come home after a long day. At Pagès, we like to drink it at any time of the day, but it's in the evening, just before getting ready for a good night's sleep, that we appreciate it the most. Many herbs are recommended for their relaxing properties, ideal for a good night's tea. The organic infusion with Verbena, Anise or Marjoram in particular is renowned for its restful properties, it is said that it can facilitate sleep. Ayurvedic infusions are also often recommended for a good night's sleep. Finally, the root of Valerian is very famous for relaxation. Today it is possible to find many infusions such as "organic good night", "good night infusion" or "night infusion". You can therefore find many Night infusion recipes, in all forms: box, sachets, filters, etc. If you like Pagès infusions, you can find on our site all our gourmet infusions for relaxation or at night.

If you are looking for an herbal tea suitable for sleep, from organic farming, we have several products, in sachets, for your pleasure. The ingredients that are mainly found in our infusions for the night are Chamomile, Orange, Marjoram, Verbena, Lavender, Hawthorn or Valerian.

It is important to choose your organic night infusion according to your needs: the desired packaging (they are mainly found in the form of sachets), the taste of the plants that make up the product (you can find more information on the plants used for sleep in our online herbarium), the type of infusion (Ayurvedic infusion, classic infusion, etc.), the type of agriculture (ingredients from organic farming or not), etc.


Preparation, an important step, more than you think

You can prepare your herbal infusion in different ways. It all depends on what you want or can extract from the plant. Below are the three main ways of consuming infusion plants:

- Maceration: it consists of infusing the plant in cold water for several hours or even several days

- The decoction: it consists of cooking the plant over low heat for several minutes

- Infusion: it consists of immersing the plant in boiling water previously removed from the heat, then letting it rest (infuse) in this way for several minutes


Nowadays, it is the infusion that is practiced (at least as a consumer) most frequently. Drinking herbal tea is good. Taking the time to prepare it well is even better! The infusion in organic sachets is a practical and rather quick solution. But that doesn't mean you have to do it in a hurry: you are about to have a moment of relaxation, just before a good night's sleep ... no rush and you might as well have fun until the end.

Take your favorite cup, take your Pagès box, choose a bag and let it infuse for 2 to 3 minutes in water at 90 ° C. Why not take advantage of the few minutes of brewing to take the time to do something that will also set you up for a good night's sleep?

A little advice: a mask on the face only takes a few minutes (and it's so good to feel your skin soothed just before a good night's sleep), a quick gentle hand treatment, put on a pair of cozy socks (even socks). ugly, we accept!), play with your cat or your dog… (although they may not be satisfied with just 3 minutes of play) or quite simply a small snack to please their belly. For the bravest, we have plenty of other ideas for things to do in 3 minutes: dusting, making your bed, folding your laundry, stretching, preparing for the next day ... we are sure that, whatever your character and what you like to do, you will find a nice occupation to do during the time of infusing your sweet herbal tea good night.



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