4 décembre 2020

Know everything about Mallow: where does it come from and why is it important to consume it?

Know everything about Mallow

Do you know Mallow? This plant with purple flowers is not so much renowned but it is quite interesting. Indeed, consumed daily, in the form of herbal tea, it is an unstoppable health asset. In this article, discover a lot of information about Mallow and our range of infusions based on this surprising plant.

Mallow’s origins

Mallow is a biennial herbaceous plant. It call be called by different names: Sylvan Mallow, Wood Mallow or Large Mallow. All these names are related to the color of its flowers. Mallow grows in temperate regions like Europe. Most of the time, it is found along paths, on walls or on fences.

Mallow has been used since ancient times to cure many ailments in a natural way. Even today, it can be taken as an herbal tea in everyday life to improve health.

Mallow’s benefits

Colds, digestive disorders, minor skin and mouth ailments ... Mallow has been known since Antiquity to treat many pains:

A natural remedy against cold and anginas

One of the most famous virtue of Mallow is its ability to calm some inflammations. It is said that its composition can ease mucosa pains. 

A solution for digestive troubles

Mallow benefits can also be observed on the digestive system. If it is consumed regularly et during a long time, It can help reduce some problems in this area.

Ease mouth and skin inflammations

We also say that Mallow can help ease mouth and skin problems, small ones. Consuming this plant could limit pains from little mouth ulcers for example.


Our Mallow herbal tea

What is a sweet Mallow herbal tea is what you needed? To enjoy its tender flavors and benefits for example! On our website, you will find several recipes containing this plant:

  • White tea with Mallow: a delicate and floral taste for this tea composed of young tea blossoms associated with Mallow petals
  • Intestinal Comfort herbal tea: a knowledgeable mix between Mallow, Coriander, Ginger and Lemon to relieve your digestive problems,
  • Flat Stomach herbal tea: a recipe pulling together Mallow and other plants to find again a sweet sensation of lightness



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