10 mai 2019

Our selection of organic green teas

Green tea

Known for its many benefits (antioxidants, tonic, detoxifying, thirst-quenching), the green tea is undoubtedly the most consumed tea in the world. The green teas Pagès are your allies to help you feel good, relaxed, and toned daily.

Pagès offers you a wide selection of products adapted to your desires and tastes, so that every moment of the day corresponds to a green tea with enchanting aromas.

With its 160 years of experience, Pagès guarantees you a wide range of green teas, all certified 100% organic, from plants harvested or cultivated worldwide in the respect of sustainable development. Our company is also part of the ETP, “Ethical Tea Partnership”, an association that works to advance the quality of tea crops and limit their impact on the environment.

A commitment that demonstrates the importance we place on the quality of our products, which are always produced with the same passion and authenticity.




Our selection of green teas

All the recipes can be found in our online shop. For natural and 100% organic teas such as our green teas with lemon, mint, jasmine, red fruit, strawberry and rhubarb, choose Pagès.

The most surprising and sophisticated tastes are also on sale on our site, this is the case of green tea with Mango Apricot, Elderberry Blueberry, but also of other recipes elaborated with the greatest care, in bulk, in order to concentrate the benefits of herbal tea, like our green tea Sérénité with Rose Petals, White Hibiscus and Cherry flavors, or our wellness pack with organic tea from Granada, Giji Bay and Blueberry Petals.

Green Tea is known for its slimming and beneficial properties on the body. Our Green Tea recipes have been designed to promote your well-being. Boxes of 20 tea bags Detox Drainage flavor Peach, Cranberry or boxes Slimming with Maté Green Tea, Green Coffee, Apple and Pineapple, Papaya and Grapefruit, are as many varieties of green teas available online on our specialized website.

In bulk, in boxes of 20 bags or in the form of capsules, all our Green Teas are waiting for you to discover all their aromas. More than 22 models are at your disposal, hurry to order them.

Please note : for each order made on our Pagès website, you will receive free samples that will allow you to discover new recipes with innovative flavours. So don’t wait any longer and let yourself be carried away by the intensity of the aromas that Pagès, the expert in organic green tea, shares with you.



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