1 juin 2019

Pagès black tea, taste the intense pleasure of our teas

Black tea

Discover our selection of black teas and enjoy all the benefits of this ancestral herbal tea. Pagès offers a wide selection of black teas, from the strongest in aromas to the sweetest, to meet all needs.

Because tea is a matter of taste, at Pagès, we have decided to offer you a diverse and varied range of products, in order to give you the choice and freedom to free your senses by transporting them through China, country of origin of black tea.

Historically, black tea is the most powerful tea. Strong in taste and in tea, it can be enjoyed for example at breakfast, accompanied by a toast.



The virtues of Pagès black tea

It is no longer necessary to prove that black tea has many virtues. That is why we strive to offer you plants that are the most effective.

The black tea you will find on this page promises remarkable organoleptic qualities. Black tea can help you to improve blood circulation or fight aging-related diseases. It is also known to allow weight loss because it is rich in catechins. Finally, it is said that with black tea from China, you slow down osteoporosis while increasing calcium intake, which makes you stronger every day. 

Whether it is natural or flavoured, you will find on our online shop all variants of black tea.



Our selection of black tea

From the classic black teas to the most original, all are to be discovered on this page.

An unmissable tea lover with a pronounced character, such as Darjeeling Imperial Black Tea, Ceylon, or Earl Grey, you will also love our Russian Earl Grey who will surely delight you. Its ancestral recipe with aromas of Black Tea and Bergamot with zest of Lemon and Orange will bring you a little more flavor and gourmet. Fall for this very pleasant aromatic and fruity bouquet.

If you want a pronounced taste to complement the end of your meal, opt for one of our intense organic black teas.

For the youngest, or for the most delicate palates, Black Tea with Vanilla or Lemon presents its sweeter and sweeter taste.

Finally, the most greedy will find their happiness in the bag of our famous organic black tea with red fruits.

Discover the biggest names of 100% organic and eco-friendly black tea, through our selection specially designed for you.



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