31 janvier 2023

Black tea, green tea and white tea: what differences ?

The varieties of teas seem multiple and fan the taste buds thanks to their multiple colors. But how to tell the difference between black, white and green tea?

Coming directly from China tea comes from the family of Camelia Sinensis or more commonly called tea tree. Many think that there are different species of tea, however this is not the case, the color of tea varies according to the transformation of the leaf after harvest but, remains the same plant.

Cultivated in tropical regions, Camelia Sinensis is an evergreen tree, to obtain a perfect harvest, we need good sunshine accompanied by heavy rains.

Let’s talk about white tea, it is probably the least processed tea after picking, but also the first tea consumed.

After the picking, the young tea leaves are put to wilt for several days, then dry them in the open air which promotes their conservation we call desiccation. Meanwhile, the leaves and buds oxidize naturally and turn grey green.

It is said that white tea has a lot of virtues and good done for the body.

A regular tasting of white tea allows to have a taste pleasure while appreciating its multiple virtues.

Green tea has a special transformation, the leaves are placed in high heat tanks to stop the oxidation process, method called fixation, then they are rolled. This one contains L-theanine and caffeine, it can be enjoyed as cold as hot, its pretty green color is well preserved. A quality green tea is recognized by its dark leaf color and the smell of algae once infused. 

Green tea has been drunk for centuries for its medicinal properties.

Black tea, is based on tea leaf having undergone a complete oxidation. The leaves are wilted by blowing air on them after picking. There are two possible preparations for black tea, the traditional method where the tea leaves have the possibility to oxidize completely. The treatment is done by machine or by hand, for a high quality tea. Thus the CTC* technique produces leaves and powder consumed in tea bags and improves the quality of the leaves.

Black tea is more loaded with tea than the others, following a longer infusion, to give an energy similar to coffee without the annoying sides of the latter. 

The big difference between white tea, black tea and green tea is the taste.  

They are to be enjoyed according to the time of day, according to the season, his mood or according to what we eat. 

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*CTC: consists of passing the black tea leaves through a series of cylindrical rolls



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