4 novembre 2021

What are the benefits of mint tea?

In summary :

Very often used in cooking, mint perfumes dishes to give them sweet notes of freshness. It goes very well with a number of other flavors. And, in addition to pleasing your taste buds, your body will also appreciate this plant for its good virtues and your health will only be better.

If you didn't know it yet, mint tea is a symbol of togetherness. This drink has its origins in the Maghreb region and more particularly in Morocco. Mint tea is a traditional drink that cannot be ignored as a sign of hospitality, which can be offered to guests for tasting at any time of the day.

Mint has been one of grandmother's remedies that have been known for centuries. Even infused, mint leaves retain most of their benefits. Consuming mint tea is very good for your health. This is an excellent way to promote digestion and alleviate your digestive problems in the event of a stomach problem or simply after a meal that is a little too big.

In addition to benefiting from a sweet and pleasant scent and being calorie-free, mint not only has antibacterial, antiviral but also anti-inflammatory properties. In this winter period, nothing better than a good cup of mint tea to strengthen your immune system to face the winter cold.

If you are having trouble concentrating or paying attention, peppermint tea can be your ally. There is nothing simpler than making a good cup of mint tea to reap the benefits it can provide. You only need boiling water, a cup, some mint tea and let steep for a few minutes and of course to finish, enjoy.

Do not wait any longer to discover and appreciate the benefits of mint tea!


Mint species:

Speaking ofMint, did you know that there are over 70 species of Mint? Sweet mint, which makes up our Pagès mint green tea, is the best known. Peppermint is another variety of mint, more intense in menthol, which is also often found in teas and infusions. It suffices to steep the mint leaves in boiling water for a few minutes to feel all its aromas release (this is even more the case with fresh mint leaves).

Do you know why we often talk about Moroccan mint? It is simply because it is one of the varieties of Mint, that it is used in North Africa and the Middle East, but also that it is adapted to drier climates than Spearmint. This mint that is used for drinks is now the subject of a real tradition in Morocco, the consumption of fresh mint leaves is synonymous with a moment of sharing, hospitality and well-being.

Apartment to the Lamiaceae family (commonly called Lamiaceae, Labiaceae or Labiaceae), this category of plants represents an important family of dicotyledonous plants which includes about 6,000 species and nearly 210 genera. Dicotyledonous plants are those whose seedling results from the germination of a seed, present from the start, that is to say before its release into the open air.

The benefits of Mint:

What about the health benefits of Mint? It is said that a cup of Mint helps strengthen the immune system, that it is antibacterial, but the most well-known virtues or benefits of Mint are undoubtedly its ability to reduce digestive disorders, in connection with its antibacterial properties. We can also read many other benefits that mint drink provides: relief of muscle joint pain, soothing irritable bowel syndrome, etc. At Pagès, we only recommend it for its digestive aspect, consuming several teabags or mint tea per day, especially after a good meal, allows you to feel a little lighter! Mint herbal teas and infusions are essential in France today.

In infusion but also in other areas, peppermint oil is often used, especially peppermint oil for its benefits. Be careful, however, the plant oil is not recommended for pregnant women for the side effects it may have on the mother-to-be.

Beyond the plant that aromatizes mint green tea, we can also be interested in the benefits of tea, which are very different from the virtues that we give to mint. Green tea has many virtues, it has been used since the dawn of time for its properties. The best known is its ability to stimulate without exciting, the theine (a molecule identical to caffeine in coffee) it contains is not absorbed in the same way by the body as that of coffee. It provides gentle stimulation that is rather spread out over time. The use of green tea is also very common as part of slimming diets or food rebalancing. It is said to aid in the absorption of fat in the intestine. It would take too long to list all the virtues attributed to tea, so many are they. At Pagès, we mainly use it for its so authentic and sweet taste (green tea does not in fact undergo any fermentation).

A little history:

Did you know that Mint was considered magical in ancient times? It was said that she was able to cure ailments, give courage, cause the performance of good deeds, etc. In mythology, we also relate the adventures of the Mint. Hades, the god of darkness, would have paid court to one of the nymphs and provoked the fury of his wife, Persephone. The latter somewhat jealous would have transformed said nymph into a mint plant! Unable to bring her back to life, the infidel Hades would then have the mint plant to perfume the places he loved. By doing a little research, there are many more legends and anecdotes about Mint!



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