30 octobre 2019

What do you know about Pagès' well-being infusions?

Wellness herbal tea

Herbal teas have long been preferred to tea for their therapeutic virtues. It must be said that the herbal teas does not contain exciting components and is perfect to relax at any time of the day. Note that some prefer to consume just before bedtime to benefit from its known relaxing properties and start a good night's sleep. On the site of Pagès, you will find both infusions helping digestion and infusions for transit, sleep, etc. Indeed, each infusion is singular and has its own virtues. To these advantages and specificities are added a certain capacity to provide comfort and warmth.

Taken daily, our Pagès' herbal teas can give you well-being and comfort, thanks to their greedy flavors and to the different properties that give them the plants that compose them. Detox, Light Legs, Fat Burn, all well-being infusions Pagès are available on our online store for your viewing pleasure.

You will find lots of wellness herbal teas on our dedicated page. Our herbalists have knowingly developed a variety of herbal teas in order to satisfy everyone's tastes and needs. Do you want to recover from a working day? Do you want to relax after an intense sport session? Do you need comfort? Try our infusions well-being, every moment its infusion! Each of our wellness infusions has its own specificities and contains negligible amounts of fat: if you have made a gourmet folly, you can take your infusion without feeling guilty.

If you want to solve a recurring health problem our wellness infusions can help relieve some ailments, in addition to other medical care, and especially to provide you with a moment of comfort. If you want to lose weight, many of our infusions can accompany your diet and a regular sports activity, to find well-being. Our wellness infusions offer a multitude of natural, beneficial and gourmet recipes.


Discover our selection of wellness infusion

We put at your disposal our wellness infusions in boxes of 20 sachets in bulk as well as in capsules. These are the result of a precise response to an occasional tiredness, the desire to refine your body after a workout or to relieve you before going to sleep. But what would be our infusions without their exceptional tastes?

Escape for a moment with a sensation of mint, lemon balm and lemon with our Lemon After-meal or prefer the exoticism of our fat-burning infusion, coconut pineapple flavor. By varying the tastes, you can only find the flavor that galvanizes you. If the Blueberry Pear Verbena Night Brew is perfect for lovers of sweet flavors, our Zen and Rose petals wellness infusion will awaken your taste buds gently.

If you want to regain all your vitality to attack the day, our Detox herbal tea will bring you vitality and a beautiful organoleptic experience. Note that we offer a range of well-being infusions in capsule format, to always have the right dose.


Choose Pagès for your gourmet break

Pagès is the perfect ally if you want to make a gourmet break without feeling guilty. Each infusion well-being is the result of a rigorous selection to answer a specific problem, while bringing you with its flavors a break that belongs only to you.

Know that our site is a specialist in well-being infusion and offers as such accessories that will always be useful to taste your infusion for any occasion.


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