22 janvier 2021

What infusion to drink in case of a cold?

Do you have a stuffy nose? Do you blow your nose? Are you tired or have a headache? It looks like you are suffering from a cold! If this is the case, your doctor will mainly advise you to moisturize well, clean your nose with seawater and take your pain in patience. What if you were tell that there are natural solutions that can help relieve your symptoms? In this article, find our selection of herbal infusions, ideal for calming colds and regaining better health.


The importance of hydration in the event of a cold

When we have a cold, it is very effective to focus on hydration. Why is this? Quite simply, because it will help fluidify and evacuate the mucus, present in the nose and throat. In addition, that is when Pagès (and his hot drinks) comes into play! Indeed, if you drink hot drinks, it will widen your airways and thus make your breathing easier.


In order to hydrate you well, consume without moderation of the infusions containing plants. In addition, prefer plants that have a beneficial action for this type of symptoms.



Our selection of special cold infusions

There is a wide range of plants, which have recognized virtues, on health. Some are ideal to reduce digestive disorders. Others have particularly effective effects for cold symptoms such as fever, stuffy nose, congested airways and many others.


A great classic of southern cuisine, Thyme is a powerful active agent against colds. It is recognize for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory virtues. If you have a cold, it is therefore ideal to calm the respiratory tract and reduce coughing.


Lemon balm is an herbaceous plant used since ancient Greece. It has recognized antiviral properties. It can be very useful to reduce fever, which sometimes accompanies the common cold.


The "warming" action of Ginger has not only positive effects on the libido. Yes, because tasted as an infusion, it is also effective against viruses. In addition, Ginger helps to develop the white blood cells, which fight against the various bacteria that attack the body.


  • The Plantain infusion

While Plantain is considering like a weed dreaded by gardeners, it is also a useful natural remedy for colds. Indeed, this plant contains mucilage: this molecule acts on the mucous membranes and clears the respiratory tract.


Finally, whether it is Lemon Balm, Thyme, Ginger or Plantain, you have the choice to find the most appropriate natural solutions for you to fight your cold. Do not hesitate to prepare yourself these hot drinks throughout the day. Apart from their life-saving action, herbal teas can also be consume as a preventive measure to avoid the virus during cold periods. However, if your cold gets worse, it is more prudent that you go directly to your doctor!



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