29 novembre 2021

What is the difference between Green Tea and Black Tea?

If you didn't know it yet, Tea is the most consumed drink in the world ... right after water. Many are its benefits for the body, mind and health.

The history of Tea

Tea has been a very popular drink for centuries all over the world. But did you know that its story begins long before Jesus Christ? And yes, the legend has its origin in 2737 BC. It is to Emperor Shen Nong that we owe this discovery. He used to drink hot water under the shade of a Tea plant. But one day, a few leaves fell in his glass and since the latter was a doctor and botanist in his spare time, he decided to taste this new mixture offered to him. Of course, he was delighted with the flavors brought by the Tea leaves. Besides, having a pleasant taste, according to him, this exquisite mixture would be able to cure 100 diseases.

Of course, all of this remains a legend. Even though tea cannot cure 100 diseases, it has many virtues, all of which are more beneficial to the body and to health.

Did you know ?

There are hundreds or even thousands of varieties of Tea in the world but all teas come from the same tree: Camillia Sinensis, better known under the name "Tea". The color of Tea is determined by the various natural processes that the leaf will undergo after harvesting.

The difference between the two

The difference between Green Tea and Black Tea that immediately jumps out at us is obviously the color. Discover in more detail the process undergone by the Tea leaf after it has been harvested.

The main source of difference between green and black tea is the degree of oxidation. Once picked, the plant will start to wilt, this is a completely natural process of aging plants, and this is called oxidation (or fermentation). Black Tea is the result obtained after allowing the Tea leaf to carry out the oxidation process fully. More simply, Black Tea is an oxidized Green Tea. This allows the Black Tea to have a better shelf life and to contain a higher theine content.

Conversely, in the case of Green Tea, the oxidation process is stopped as soon as it is picked. After harvesting the Tea leaf you have to go very quickly. The oxidation process begins only a few hours after picking. In order to stop its oxidation process, Green Tea follows various manufacturing steps.

You have certainly already heard that Green Tea is an essential ally for weight loss. But do you know how it works? Green Tea contains catechins which will burn fat in the body. Also, the antioxidants contained in catechins reduce the feeling of hunger. Be careful, however, it is better not to add milk or sugar to your tea so as not to alter the benefits of the molecules on the body. If you prefer Black Tea, it has the same benefits as Green Tea but to a lesser extent.

The difference between the two Teas will also depend on your taste preferences. And yes, you understood that Black Tea has exactly the same virtues as Green Tea, but to a lesser degree. Black Tea tastes more bitter and more intense and is well suited to aid digestion and to calm stomach aches. Also, in the morning it will be more appropriate, because it has a greater stimulating and energizing effect on the mind and body. Consuming a cup of Black Tea in the morning when you wake up will be your boost to start the day well.

And in all of this, which is the best for your health?

A large number of studies have shown that a daily consumption of three cups of Black Tea has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and it is even said that in some cases it will reduce the risk of heart attacks.

More generally, the antioxidants present in tea promote blood circulation and also make it possible to fight effectively against diseases linked to aging. Green Tea is the richest in antioxidants due to its oxidation process which has been stopped. So, if you are looking for a Tea to fill up with antioxidants, even if Black Tea contains a lot, it is better to turn to Green Tea which contains more. Green Tea is synonymous with tone and vitality, it also has a positive impact on intellectual liveliness. If you still doubt its effectiveness, take the example of Buddhist monks who are followers of Green Tea to improve their concentration during their meditations.

Now that you know all about Green Tea and Black Tea, all you have to do is make your choice. But why deprive yourself, take both!



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