30 octobre 2019

What is the Rooibos?

What is rooibos?

Whether you're a tea buff or a simple hobbyist, you've heard about rooibos. What are its characteristics ? Where is he from ? In this article we propose to tell you the story of tea rooibos and boast of the beneficial effects on health.


Definition and origins of rooibos

Roï-bos, which means "red bush", is a plant that can only be found in South Africa. It is located more precisely in the mountains of Cederberg, in the Cape region. The term tea rooibos is commonly used because of its resemblance to traditional tea, but it does not come from the tea tree. It is a variety of broom, from which the leaves are extracted for infusion in boiling water.

It is its ruby color that earned him the nickname "red tea".


Rooibos' benefits

Such as tea, rooibos has many health benefits. Here is a list of some of them, amazing and interesting: Antioxidant properties: this red tea is known to contain many antioxidants. Components very useful for health. It helps to relieve some ailments such as migraines, stomach cramps or muscle pain A "tea" recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding: conventional tea is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, because of the presence of theine (molecule similar to caffeine). The rooibos him, does not contain any. It can therefore be enjoyed without fear, like herbal teas Exciting effects limited: for these same reasons, the absence of theine makes this drink has no exciting effects. You can therefore consume at any time of the day, without risking insomnia at night Limit allergies: Many people also use it to treat the symptoms of certain allergies such as hay fever for example.


How to prepare a good Rooibos?

To prepare a rooibos, it's like preparing a classic tea. It is necessary to implement good infusion conditions. Heat the water to 90 ° C in a kettle. The recommended infusion time for red tea is between 3 and 5 minutes. However, if you go over this time, know that it will be less impacting on the taste of your drink than for a green tea that emits a lot of bitterness.

Finally, know that a rooibos can also be eaten cold. This is very refreshing especially in summer. Heat and brew in a classic way and allow to cool. Then pour it into a container type glass bottles or jars and place it in the refrigerator. Accompanied by some fresh fruit, it will be the best effect to quench your thirst.




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