1 juin 2019

Which black tea to choose?

From the discovery of this drink to the present day, it has undergone several transformations to offer its consumers a wide range of choices. This oxidized drink can hold a whole year in the cupboard while retaining its original taste. 


What are the differences of black tea?

Although black tea is generally referred to as black tea, there are several types of tea on the market.

  • Chinese teas : among the most famous in this category are :

Lapsang Souchong or smoked black tea : it dates back to 16th century in China and has its origins in a war allegedly waged in one of its regions.  It was during a war that a battalion commandeered the house of a Tea Factory to house its soldiers. The tea-pickers could no longer use their premises, and made the decision to dry the leaves on a pine fire, which gave the tea its particular scent.

–  Keemun black tea : it is undoubtedly the best known in China. It was «invented» by Hu Yuan Long at the end of the 19th century. This tea is actually one of the top 10 best Chinese teas currently.

– Yunnan Dian Hong : Made in the early 20th century by Feng Shao Qiu, it was popularized by Queen Elisabeth who made it her favorite. It is part with all the others of the Yunnan Province, the best black teas.


  • Indian or Sri Lankan teas : the arrival of tea in India is due to the British. The tea fields are grown in altitude, at the foot of the Himalayas. The climate is very harsh and the leaves grow less fast than in China. Yet the tea grown is of high quality. Among these, we can name some of the best known :

– Ceylon tea (one of the most common)

– Darjeeling tea (probably the best. It is nicknamed “tea champagne”)

– Assam tea (full-bodied and slightly spicy)


We can also add to the long list black teas, those from Africa, those from Latin America and flavoured ones such as Christmas tea, the famous Earl Grey tea or the oriental tea with the rose.


When should we drink black tea?

It is not very advisable to drink tea just after lunch or dinner, as this can cause digestion problems. Choose other times of the day and limit yourself to 4 or 5 cups per day. You can add other additives such as chocolate to make its taste more pleasant. It is also possible to add sugar and milk. The gourmet can enjoy with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, lemon, liquorice or basil.

Feel free to choose the black tea that suits your needs and enjoy it delicately at moderate doses.



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