Clove is a spice found in our products. Its spicy flavour has a powerful fragrance that matches ideally with many plants.

Clove, a spice found in many compositions for its typical flavour.

Origins of clove

The Clove originates from the Moluccas, a province of Indonesia formed by the islands of the southern half of the Moluccan archipelago. It was known very early in China, it is mentioned in ancient books by stipulating that courtiers must have some in their mouths when they addressed the emperor, in order not to disturb him with their breath! From the 2nd century A.D. onwards, fragrant buds reached Alexandria by caravan.

The clove was introduced in France around 1225. It was quite popular in the country but very expensive. The origin of this spice, which was deliberately kept secret by the colonizers of the Moluccas region, was unknown and was therefore avoided as a precaution.


Today, the clove is a spice widely used in France. If it is still used for its medicinal virtues, it is mainly found in the culinary arts, its characteristic taste perfuming ideally all types of dishes.

Characteristics of clove

Name: Syzygium aromaticum

Family: Myrtaceae

Species: tree

The Clove originates from the Clove Tree, a tree that grows in the Moluccan region. It is cultivated in many tropical countries, particularly in Zanzibar, Madagascar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. It has opposite, lanceolate and shiny leaves. It has a multitude of fragrant flowers, with purple chalice and pink corolla, with numerous stamens, giving elongated and dark purple berries.

The famous Clove is actually the floral bud of the clove tree. The leaves and buds of the spice give off an intense fragrance. They contain tannins, flavonoids and an aromatic essence containing mainly eugenol, eugenyl acetate and beta-caryophyllene. The clove has a spicy, very distinctive and original flavour. Its slightly bitter taste is strongly aromatic.

Uses of clove

In Anglo-Saxon countries, it is common to stick a few Cloves in an Orange or Lemon to perfume a room or a closet. It is therefore often found in the composition of home fragrances and even anti-insect fragrances. Its strong smell would make unwanted visitors flee.

Similarly, some have been using the Clove for a very long time to perfume their laundry.

The quality of a Clove nail is measured by its thickness and purplish reddish-brown colour. They are supposed to break easily without the need to bend your fingers and let a little essential oil exude when you press them with your nails.

The Clove can be used in cosmetics, in the elaboration of creams and lotions for imperfection skins. It is also said to be the ally of rough and damaged hair. 

Lets' not forget that Clove has a very important role in the cooking area.

Benefits of clove

Clove is used in therapeutic medicine to heal teeth. This spice is often used in the composition of mouthwashes and toothpastes. It is also used in treatments and medicines to fight against any form of stomach pain or gastric problem.

Clove is also known to stimulate the stomach and fight against fermentation and bloating. It stimulates the appetite and allows the faster activation of the digestive glands at all levels.



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